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Anguilla Offshore Shelf Company

Anguilla has become one of the favorable and most lucrative tax-offshore jurisdictions in the investor’s eyes.

Being one of the favorite business investment spots, global owners and investors and owners prefer to incorporate a business unit to enjoy the tax-friendly and liberal laws.

While proceeding for the offshore company establishment, a business investor holds the option of incorporating a new company or moving ahead with a shelf company.

This guide will cover the core aspects essential for a business investor while proceeding with the second option of starting a shelf company.

If you are on the edge of starting an offshore business in Anguilla, this guide will turn out to be informative for you.

What is a Shelf Company?

In simple words, a shelf company can be understood as a legal business entity that has been registered in the books of the registrar but has never performed any business activity.

A shelf company is usually opted by the business owners who intend to conduct the business activities instantly. These are registered companies with all the formalities completed but just waiting for a buyer to buy them.

Proceeding with such an option turns out to be a time saver and holds better goodwill in the eyes of the law.

These business structures are also regarded as ready-made companies or aged companies.

Shelf Offshore Company in Anguilla

The formation of an offshore company is regulated by the International Business Companies Act, 2000. According to the Act, it allows foreigners the opportunity to start an offshore company in Anguilla remotely.

Anguilla provides complete feasibility to the business owners to take a step ahead of and proceed with shelf company formation.

Offshore shelf company in Anguilla is based on the International Business Companies Act 2000.

Coming to the incorporation part, most of the investors prefer to proceed with an International Business Company (IBC)

Advantages of Buying an Offshore Shelf Company in Anguilla

There are a lot of benefits of setting up an offshore shelf company in Anguilla. Some of the services are-

  • The country falls under the category of “tax-free countries”. It means a person does not need to pay any tax on such companies.
  • The second benefit is that the formation of such a company does not require any paid-up capital. Therefore, the establishment of such a company becomes a lot cheaper in Anguilla.
  • Confidentiality is another advantage as the IBC Act protects the name of directors and shareholders of the company.
  • The shareholders can proceed ahead for offshore bank account process.
  • A person does not need to submit an annual report of auditing or anything to the government, which will save a lot of time and money.
  • One reason to buy a shelf company is that it will save a lot of time, and a person doesn't need to go through the time-consuming process of incorporating a company.
  • As people prefer to do business with an old company than a new one, a shelf company will add this benefit as it is an already registered company.
  • It will also leave a good impression on the customers and clients due to the period of establishment.
  • The longevity will also help in getting corporate credits conveniently.

How to Buy an Offshore Shelf Company in Anguilla?

To buy a Shelf company in Anguilla, one has to go through the following process:

1.Get in touch with an expert

In the first step, you have to get in touch with a certified business consultant who will help you to clear the complete legal proceedings at ease.

2.Select one of the business units from the list

Once you are done with the selection of the advisor,  make sure to enter into a discussion. Professionals are usually aware of the shelf company available in the selected jurisdiction and can guide you to choose the best suit your business needs.

3.Modify the documents

Have a check at the available documents linked with the offshore unit you want to purchase. In the next move, you need to proceed ahead with the modification process to alter them accordingly.

In this process, make sure to submit the essentials of the company shareholders and directors.

4.Submit the new papers to the registrar

Once the modification is done, submit the papers to the company registrar to get them registered in the company books.

5.Open an offshore bank account

After completing the paperwork, make sure to open an offshore bank account to carry out the offshore business transactions.

Holding an offshore bank account turns out to be beneficial for business investors in numerous ways.

Here’s a guide on the Advantages of offshore banking that will turn out fruitful for business investors.

In short, you have seen the complete process of buying an offshore shelf company in Anguilla.

Setting up an offshore company is not an easy task as it involves many legal formalities and can take a lot of time and energy for a person who is not familiar with such a process.

It is recommended to proceed ahead with professionals to give you clarity about all the pros and cons of setting up a business in a particular jurisdiction.

Business Setup Worldwide is a team of experts and professionals for incorporating companies in different parts of the world. Therefore, if you are looking for people to help you with company incorporation, feel free to contact us-we’d be glad to assist!