Become a Global Resident Using Citizenship by Investment

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Becoming a global citizen has become much easier in many countries across the world with the introduction of Citizenship by Investment (CBI)/ Residency by Investment (RBI) schemes. They are known by different names in different countries but CBI is the umbrella term to describe this process. 

Entrepreneurs like you can benefit from CBI schemes by setting up your business and investing in these countries. It will also allow you to explore the dynamic markets of these jurisdictions, enabling you to set up a profitable venture.

Defining Citizenship by Investment (CBI)

Citizenship by investment is the procedure of obtaining a passport (citizenship) in another country (host country) by setting up a business there. Compared to traditional immigration processes, CBI has an easier and faster process. 

Why Should Investors Opt for Citizenship By Investment?

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs are popular among entrepreneurs due to the quick nature of the visa procurement process. The other benefits include -

  1. Visa Free Travel

By choosing CBI, you have the opportunity to travel to your host country even if you do not meet the visa requirements. Many countries allow dual citizenship helping you reap the commercial benefits of your host country as well as maintain original residency. 

  1. Exploring Local Business Opportunities

The primary benefit of applying for citizenship through investment is the ability to explore the local business environment. Many jurisdictions offering CBI have business-friendly regulations that help promote entrepreneurship. 

  1. Availing Tax Incentives

Jurisdictions such as Nevis, Antigua and St. Lucia are known as tax havens. Low tax rates ensure the growth of the business and also increase its revenue.

  1. Relocation Benefits 

Once you obtain citizenship through investment, relocating your family to these jurisdictions is hassle-free. The process of obtaining family and visitor visas in these countries has minimum requirements. 

  1. Better Standard of Living

The jurisdictions offering CBI are usually Small Island Developing States (SIDS), which are a group of developing countries. Since their economies are undergoing rapid transformation, they stand a good chance of offering a better standard of living in future. 

Popular Offshore Jurisdictions to Avail CBI

There are many different jurisdictions which provide citizenship by investment, among which the top three are:

  1. St Kitts and Nevis

CBI was introduced in Nevis in 1984 and thus became one of the first nations to offer such a programme. The island nations of Nevis and St. Kitts provide a market for offshore company formation in Nevis under various activities ranging from technology-related to tourism businesses. 

The aim of introducing this was to encourage and fund projects that focus on community welfare. The primary methods of applying for CBI include investing in real estate, undertaking public welfare projects and contributing money to the state in the form of donations.

  1. St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a popular business choice for entrepreneurs. The Board for Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) of St Lucia is responsible for granting citizenship. However, to obtain a passport, you must approach the Immigration Department of the Royal St Lucia Police Force. 

  1. Antigua

Antigua is another popular choice among business people. Citizenship can be obtained by investing in the government’s Capital Development Fund (CDF) or also by investing in real estate for business. 

Investors can also receive tax residency by meeting a set income threshold for tax filing. 

Various business activities flourish within these jurisdictions. Get in touch with our consultants to know more on how to obtain Citizenship by Investment. 

Factors to Consider While Selecting a Country for Obtaining CBI

Various countries offer CBI programs. However, some criteria must be fulfilled while choosing the jurisdictions, such as the investment criteria of your business and the threshold of investment in your jurisdiction.

The political and economic stability of the country can also influence the growth of the business. 

Documents Required to Availing CBI

The documents that need to be submitted along with the CBI application vary from country to country. Some of the common documents include -

  • Certified copy of national ID
  • A certified proof of address
  • Your original birth certificate
  • A professional reference letter 
  • Employment/Business records
  • A reference letter from the bank
  • Certified Copies of your passport
  • A clearance document from the police department
  • A health certificate from a certified medical examiner

Keeping these documents ready will ensure that the process is completed quickly and help you obtain citizenship without much trouble.

Citizenship by investment offers a plethora of benefits for your personal and professional gains. To explore the jurisdictions offering CBI and to avail services of company incorporation for obtaining citizenship through investment, visit Business Setup Worldwide. Our consultants will assist you in your business journey and take care of all the compliance requirements.

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