Benefits of Dubai South Free Zone Company Setup

Benefits of Dubai South Free Zone Company Setup

Eight different neighborhoods make up the Dubai South Free Zone, a city inside a city. The three districts are the Al Maktoum International Airport, the Residential District, and the Commercial District. 

The city also includes the Logistics District, the Humanitarian District, the Aviation District, and the Golf District, in addition to the Exhibition District. 

According to a master plan emphasizing the happiness index and the idea of a "purpose-made city," the Dubai South Free Zone is being constructed. 

Regarding the success of business operations in the region, registering a company in Dubai South may have a lot of advantages.

Advantages of Dubai South Company’s Setup

Among UAE businesspeople, the Dubai South Free zone is now the most popular location for company formation. As a result, free zone business registration in Dubai South has seen a significant increase in demand recently.

This area was established according to a master plan emphasizing a "purpose-made city" and the happiness index. Considering the health of the business activity, setting up a firm in Dubai South may result in several benefits.

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Other factors have also contributed to the rise in demand for business registration in Dubai South.

The following are some of the factors that make free zone company registration in Dubai South so popular:

It was a leap year in 2020

The Dubai South Free Zone has made a name for businesses. The region has several projects and events scheduled for 2020. Dubai South will host exhibitions with a global reputation. Dubai South Free Zone companies may offer commercial support services for such events. Businesses have started opening offices in the Dubai South free zone to take advantage of these opportunities.


Being able to place your firm strategically is one of the benefits of working in the Dubai South free zone. The Dubai South Free Zone is next to the Al Maktoum International Airport, the busiest airport in the world.

The vicinity's Jebel Ali port is connected to the area by the logistics corridor. In addition, the Dubai government has grand ambitions for the region, including building significant commercial buildings. This will make it possible for new partnerships and provide local companies with more exposure.

Adaptable Working Conditions

In Dubai South Free Zone, formalizing a business is a fantastic opportunity!

The free zone has business centers of varying sizes and flexible structures to suit companies of all shapes and sizes. However, it could be highly costly to start a business in Dubai. Therefore, the Dubai South Free Zone has promoted the development of creative working spaces to recognize the challenges encountered by SMEs. 

The free zone pioneers innovative methods for accommodating numerous small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) through ground-breaking programs that support business owners looking to start SMEs.

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Less Burdensome Restrictions

Establishing a UAE-free zone corporation is subject to several rules and limitations that businesses must follow, regardless of location or industry. On the other side, there are fewer limitations in the Dubai South free zone. 

There are several factors to consider, including the business owner's nationality, the company's ownership conditions, and the need for sponsorship or visa sponsorship. However, the Dubai South Free zone economic platform accommodates all imaginable businesses and has fewer restrictions than other free zone enterprises in the United Arab Emirates.

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1. What is the minimum amount of DWC LLC Company?

AED 300,000.

2. Does one need to have a local sponsor to open a company?


3. Can license renewal be done without being present physically?

Yes, it can be done remotely.

4. What are the available licenses in Dubai South free zone?

Industrial License
Logistics License
Educational License
Service License
Trading License

5. How many districts are there in Dubai South?

Aviation District
Logistic District
Free Zone Business Park