Benefits of Starting a Business in Dubai Freezone

Benefits of Starting a Business in Dubai Freezone

Dubai is considered one of the most favourable business places globally. This is because it has always been at the forefront of setting economic standards. The zero-tax policy and the basic rules and regulations set global norms for online and offline businesses.

Choosing the correct structure and jurisdiction is one of the most significant things for establishing a freezone business in Dubai.

So, if you believe this page is for you, let's plunge into the pool of advantages of establishing a business in a Dubai freezone.

A Gist on Dubai Free Trade Zone

Are you still scrolling down the page to learn about the benefits and features?

Hey, I'm here to take you to the pool of benefits. So, let us unite together and plunge deep into the ocean of advantages.

Before we begin, let us consider why advantages are essential.

Everyone wants to do something in their lives. However, investors and entrepreneurs want to see their businesses succeed from a business standpoint. To be successful in business, one must understand the benefits one gets.

More than 30 free trade zones have been formed in Dubai, each of which is overseen by a separate free zone administration.

As we all know, running a business in Dubai freezone requires more than just money. It also requires adequate information about the business.

If you agree with my view, I believe this article will provide you with all of the relevant info you require.

The Benefits of Starting a Business in a Dubai Free Zone

The following are some of the benefits of establishing a business in a free zone in Dubai.

Full Foreign Ownership of the Business

What would your attitude be if you discover you are eligible to do business by acquiring complete foreign ownership?

Will you be surprised?

If so, take note: free zones allow foreign investors to obtain 100 per cent control of their businesses.

Repatriation of all Foreign Nationals

The benefits are not limited, and they are vast, like an ocean.

As one explores further, one should eventually recognise the beneficial outcomes.

Profits from freezone enterprises can be returned to their home country. This allows them to transfer 100% of their capital to their home nation.

Exempt from Tax

Corporate tax exemption is one of the most valuable benefits you can have.

The main advantage is free from all customs duties while doing import or export business in the Dubai freezone.

Is this what you're looking for? So, what's the point of waiting? It's your time to start a new business in the Dubai freezone.

Oh, no. You are still scrolling down to learn about more advantages.

If so, we'll keep on.

Strategic Location

One of the most prominent factors in establishing a company is determining the best location based on your needs and preferences.

As we all know, Dubai has a cutting-edge infrastructure, an e-governance system, and a thriving service industry. Thus, you should select a suitable freezone location to make your business a very cost-effective living.

A Wide Variety of Commercial Operations

Will you feel comfortable starting a new business in Dubai, given that you are limited to so and so companies?

No, not at all. Everyone wished to begin their ideal job at a reasonable cost. If you are one among them, you may check out the following business activities that can be carried out in the Dubai freezone.

The following activities can be done in Dubai freezone is,

  • Broadcast Management
  • Consultancy
  • Education and Training
  • Event Management
  • Film, Production and Post-Production
  • Industrial
  • IT Services
  • Media and Marketing Services

Time-Efficient Process

Everyone is running out of time, and we don't have enough time to think. To solve this, the Dubai freezone provided an excellent opportunity for businesses and investors.

From the beginning (forming a business) to the conclusion (obtaining a licence), starting a business in Dubai freezone would be simple with the assistance of a business setup consultant.

Convenient Registration

What would you think if the entire procedure was completed in a week? How would you manage such an occurrence?

If you said yes, this is what we're looking for from our customers.

You may register for a Dubai freezone from the comfort of your own home. You may transmit all essential paperwork to the freezone without any problems.

Free of Logistical Challenges

Dubai's freezone features multiple warehouses and plenty of office space. Therefore, Dubai's free zones are ideal for SMEs and startups. Furthermore, establishing a firm in a freezone is straightforward.

If you think the things mentioned above are adequate and suitable for what you are searching for, you can proceed with the other process. For example, if you are considering establishing a business in Dubai, freezone, our business consultant will assist you in doing all the operations on a hassle freeway. 

Our Role

We at Business Setup Worldwide make it a time-saving process easy on your pockets with many years of experience and proper connections in Dubai. Thus, it would be advisable to connect with us for further information and fulfil your dream.



1. List out a few free zones in Dubai

The Dubai free zones are,
⮚ Dubai Airport Free Zone
⮚ Dubai Commercial City
⮚ Dubai Design District
⮚ Dubai Gold and Diamond Park
⮚ Dubai Healthcare City
⮚ Dubai International Academic City
⮚ Dubai Internet City
⮚ Dubai International Financial Centre

2. Is there any currency restriction in Dubai?


3. How much does it cost to set up a free zone company in Dubai?

It costs around AED 30, 000 to set up a free zone company in Dubai.

4. How can I make the entire registration process easier?

You can make your entire registration process easier by seeing the business set up consultant.

5. Do the business owners in the Dubai freezone have 100 per cent foreign ownership?


6. What minimum capital is required to open a Dubai Airport Free Zone company?

The minimum capital required to open a Dubai Airport Free Zone company is around AED 1000.

7. Can a freezone company directly trade with Dubai mainland?


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