Benefits of Starting an Offshore Business in Hong Kong

Offshore Business in Hong Kong

Have you ever imagined of forming an offshore company? In the competitive world, several people are setting up an offshore company to experience the vast benefits associated with it. Still in a mess, whether to form it or not?

Well, if you are an entrepreneur who wants to make their name in the universal race, then considers offshore companies on your priority. But the real question that arises now, where you should incorporate it to operate effectively. Many people think that better to invest in the Asian regions, but where? If you are worried about the region for your offshore company, then why don’t you look Hong Kong?

Curious to know about why are we saying you about forming an offshore company in Hong Kong? Continue reading the article; we have gathered all the essential information about our statement.

Why Choose Hong Kong?

A former British Colony but now it is a part of the Republic of China, Hong Kong considered as a major international centre for business. It located on the south-east coast of China. Hong Kong is classified as a SAR (Special Administrative Region) within the Republic of China and has retained its legal system. The legal system in Hong Kong is, based on the British system with the official languages being English and Chinese. Here’s more about Why Start an Offshore Company in Hong Kong?

Do you know the reason to choose Hong Kong as the criterion for your offshore company? What is it about the place that appeals to foreigners set up a company here? Why wouldn’t anyone want to be part of the cities that has one of the best economies in the world?

The answers to all the question are straightforward—the perfect way to enter in Mainland China and Asian markets. Furthermore, the place is considered one of the best cities to run a business, as it scores high on elements that matter to businesses. What’s further, below shared are some of the factors that continue to contribute to its success.

  • Ease of obtaining investors
  • Friendly business environment
  • Ease of opening a company remotely
  • Business Support & Assistance
  • Strategic Location
  • Tax benefits, infrastructure

Hong Kong offshore companies gain from the jurisdiction not being on the list of global tax havens, thereby avoiding potential difficulty from authorities. Offshore companies also benefit from a free port, free flow of capital and a freely convertible HK dollar, in a tax-haven jurisdiction being ranked the most open economy in the world for the 20th consecutive year.

What’s more, it also provides a no foreign exchange controls, global community, political and economic stability, and relatively easy establishment of international corporations. Are you ready to enter into the competition of Hong Kong as an offshore company? Great! Experience reading the article to know more benefits about forming an offshore company in Hong Kong.


Benefits of Starting an Offshore Company in Hong Kong

By opening an offshore company in Hong Kong, you can grab the following benefits:

1.Easy Offshore Company Setup

The first and foremost benefit of starting an offshore company in Hong Kong is the ease of setting up. In the competitive business world, it is a primary problem faced by several entrepreneurs.

Launching the business in Hong Kong is secure, very simple, and as try from all the unnecessary bureaucracy. Besides, Hong Kong also follows favourable foreign ownership by just entitling the company shares to be 100% foreign-owned. There is no requirement of any individual authorizations before the Hong Kong company setup.

2.Political Stability

In Hong Kong, there is contact with political stability and the investment climate. Despite being a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, Hong Kong is prosperous in retaining its economic and judicial systems.

3.Reduced Administration

The legal obligations of any directors of an offshore company are less in Hong Kong. So, you don’t need to take a lot of burdens to hire the officers for your business entity in Hong Kong. Moreover, the need for accounting, other staff or a physical office can also overcome with cost-effective virtual office services saving time and money.

4.Tax Benefits

Hong Kong relatively low taxation make it one of the suitable business-friendly environments in the business world. The corporate tax rate is 16.5% in Hong Kong. No need to pay capital gains tax, withholding tax on interests or dividends, and most importantly, there is no GST/VAT, and no estate duty. Also, you don’t have to worry about foreign exchange controls in Hong Kong, and the foreign-sourced income also exempted from tax in Hong Kong.

5.Asset Protection

There is no denying the fact, the trusted image in combination with protecting assets leads to lower levels of income, capital and death taxes that would otherwise be payable if the assets held directly.

6.Trusted Image

Everyone wants to start their business in the place which is known for its trusted image in the business world. Hong Kong’s simple business rules are the keystone of their economy. Committed to the international standard on tax exchange and information, Hong Kong has the best-trusted image.

7.Offshore Banking

Hong Kong provides the facility to the business owners to proceed with the offshore banking process. By opening an account, one can carry out the transactions at ease at any point in time. To know more regarding the benefits that you can avail, have a look at the Advantages of Offshore Banking.

How Can Business Setup Worldwide Help?

Since its inception, Business Setup Worldwide is helping numerous clients to set up their business offshore in various locations across the globe. Joining hands with experts not only saves time but also help you to utilize your available resources at ease. Here’s a guide on the Core Reasons for Hiring an Offshore Business Consultant, which will help you to understand the benefits at ease. If you hold any query or doubt, do get it clear by having a word with our professional business experts. Contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.


1. What’s the duration to incorporate an offshore company registration in Hong Kong?

An offshore company in Hong Kong can be incorporated within 1-2 days.

2. What are the uses of a Hong Kong offshore company?

An offshore company in Hong Kong can be used for the following business purpose:
• Import-export of products
• Estate and succession planning
• E-commerce business
• Investment in the international securities and stocks
• Secure intellectual properties
• International trading
• Real-estate business
• Open a holding company

3. Can I obtain a forex trading license using a Hong Kong Offshore Company?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a forex trading license using an offshore company incorporated in Hong Kong.

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