Boost Your Business Success: 8 Tips for Mastering Video Marketing

8 Tips for Mastering Video Marketing

The research shows that young internet users spend most of their online time watching some sort of a video. YouTube is now a community of creators that can rival traditional media and services that dedicated to short and intimate videos are popping up all the time.

Marketing companies as well as news organizations are catching on to this fact and trying to make the most out of it. It is a bit more expensive marketing channel because it requires more equipment and skill than blogging, but with the advances in technology, this too is changing.

Have a story to tell

The sale should be the main goal of your video marketing and any marketing for that matter, but the video itself shouldn’t be too pushy about it. That means that you may end up spending a lot of money on an expensive production, but without having that much to tell.

The video should be used to tell a story about your company and your product in an engaging and cinematic way. It’s important to match the story with the way it’s being told. If you can do it in a twit or in a post, you shouldn’t use video at all.

Behind the scenes

It may be interesting for clients and customers to go behind the scenes of your company. This is especially the case for the companies that actually manufacture products or do some other creative work. These kinds of videos are easy to produce because they don’t require any staging and just a bit of editing and the audience finds them engaging.

It’s best for these videos to have a narrative and not just showcase the company. The simplest narrative to use is “a day in the life of your company”.

Live videos

Live Videos

Live videos are already among the most popular ways to promote a company and this popularity is going to increase in the years to come. Everyone has a phone and an internet connection that allows them to broadcast a video quickly.  Using the actual customers to promote your products is the least expensive way to go and it adds a sense of transparency and honesty,

Live videos could also be used to create a community around your business. This will allow the users to share and promote their videos and thus provide you with a lot of new users and their data.

Event videos

Events are a very effective way to promote a business. They are usually not open to a wide audience, but they can have a great impact on a business community that you belong to. Videos can help make the most out of these events and showcase them to a larger audience. They should be a part of a wider theme. For instance, a video production from Sydney did a great job promoting Coca-Cola Amatil, Campbell Arnott’s, Jim Beam and a Red Bull festival and fitting into their esthetic in general. Try to organize the event in cooperation with the video marketing team in order to achieve that effect, because, as you can see, even the brand as famous as Red Bull needs a good video.

How to

How to videos are taking over quickly. It’s a type of video that can be used within every industry. News are turning to this type of promotion as well because they are able to attract new viewers that need more background and hand-holding than the average person.

These videos don’t have to be expensive in terms of production, but they do require good writers that are familiar with the topic at hand and able to write about it simply and effectively.  The goal is for the video to be interesting regardless of how much the viewer knows about the subject.


Search engine optimizing isn’t something that people think about when they talk about videos. It’s usually a way to use textual content to promote your company. It’s a mistake to think about it in this way. The video should come equipped with tags that have SEO in mind.

It’s also important to write video descriptions that are easy to search and organize. The descriptions should help the viewer understand what they can expect from the video right away.

The first 10 seconds

Every internet user has to deal with an endless scroll of content on their phones or computers. There’s no way for all of that content to get noticed or even clicked on. Once you get the user to do so, you need to grip their attention right away.

The research shows that this is best done within the first 10 seconds. This should be something to keep in mind from the very beginning, during the script writing. The initial thrill shouldn’t be cheap; in fact it should represent your company more than anything else.

Youtube Marketing

The devices used to play videos are changing almost daily. The computer and the mobile devices are getting more complicated and your videos need to adapt to this change. Most importantly the videos should be playable on every device, but that’s not enough.

The change is most visible in the video quality and the equipment used to get it. Video resolutions are going to get higher and you need to plan for investing in cameras and editing software needed to keep up.

Video marketing is a great way to open your offshore company and find new clients and customers. It takes a lot of preparation and skill, but if you master it, you can expand your business greatly.