Botswana Vision 2036 Focuses on Productivity & Sustainable Development

Botswana Vision

The world’s largest producer of diamonds, Botswana also has one of the most advanced treated programmes in Africa. It has transformed itself from world’s poorest country to a middle-income country. The economic policy is guided by the government efforts to invest in all sectors like agriculture services, and manufacturing because they expect them to grow an openness towards foreign investment and promote trade.

Trade is extremely important to Botswana’s economy because the combined value of import and export adds more value to their GDP. They encourage economic diversification and also, they have well functioned capital markets.

Dignified Livelihood

Vision 2016 was a people’s vision. It was developed by presidential Task group lead by the late Baledzi Gaolathe the late Sir Ketumile Masire. Then came Kama, who introduced his own 4Ds and lead Botswana towards the vision of 2036. Later the presidential task team with the development team launched the vision on 19th October 2015 which was later adopted by the national assembly in 2016.

Intentions behind the Botswana Vision 2036

Vision 2036 is transformational agenda that explains the goals and objectives as people, because the leaders have an aim, which is to transform Botswana from an upper-middle income country to a high-income country by 2036, which shows how we want our future to look like. Through vision 2036 Botswana is choosing a path of prosperity which seeks to achieve prosperity for the people. It is focusing on being passionate about productivity as a nation. Prosperity here means achievement and fulfilment of our individual, community and national goals and this applies at all levels.

The main reason why the vision of 2036 came into picture is for the 4 things they desire:

1. Human and Social Development

It will be looking into the sector of the well-being of children, gender equality, education, skill development, and health wellness to provide strong opportunity for all.

2. Sustainable Economic Development

They will be focusing on high driven levels of productivity where they will focus on the sectors which are based on economy development which includes sectors like set up a business, infrastructure development, micro and mini sector, agricultural sector, manufacturing sector, tourism services and transport and logistics which will help them to develop a business opportunity for everyone.

3. Governance, Peace and Security

Land of peace, security, and freedom, which gives the citizen the right to choose for themselves. This pillar is based on constitution on human rights, civil society participation, transparency and freedom of expression.

4. Sustainable Environment

This will be majorly focusing on the ecosystem and functions and services ensure disaster risk reduction and pollution and waste to keep the environment clean and eco-friendly.

Botswana has leveraged its natural mineral resources to gain the economy stability it has today. The economic growth is thriving and with each passing day is attempting to do away with poverty and in place establish and foster an environment for the prosperity of businesses and enterprises. Botswana vision 2036 is a colossal effort undertaken by Motswana government to enforce the growth potentially which creates more opportunities to set up a business in Botswana.

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