Brand and Trademark Registration in the UAE

Everyone in the universe wants to be successful in their business. As a result, due to rising local competition, trade mark and brand registration in UAE have grown increasingly popular. When there is greater competition, safeguarding your brand is even more critical.

However, trademark, brand, and copyright registration in the United Arab Emirates can be complicated. Therefore, finding a business adviser who is experienced with the procedures for trademark registration in UAE will save your time and effort. 

What is a Trademark Class System?

Trademarks are registered under a 'class' system in the UAE. Each trademark class covers different products and services. There are 45 international classes, and brands can be registered in 44 of them in the UAE. Each kind of trademark registration necessitates a separate application.

Registering your trademark in categories unrelated to your goods or services may be costly and pointless. As a result, selecting the appropriate class is crucial for ensuring adequate protection and minimising needless expenses.

Benefits of Trademark and Brand Registration in UAE

By registering brand and trade registration, one can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Keep your company's identity safe
  • Protect you from conflict with others who deal in the same industry 
  • Security for your Business
  • Legal Authority of Trademark
  • Independent Existence
  • Transfer Ownership of Trademarks

Difference Between a Trademark and Other IP

A trademark is only one form of intellectual property typically associated with logos and brand names. The other forms of intellectual property that companies can protect are

Intellectual property Differences
Patents used for new technology, inventions, ideas, processes, and methods
Copyrights used for literary, artistic, dramatic works, musical works, or computer software
Industrial Designs used for shapes, patterns or ornamentation applied to industrially produced objects

Intellectual property greatly influences various fields, including health, commerce, labour, the environment, and culture. As a result, it is recommended that you use intellectual property services in the UAE to protect your brand.

An Overview of UAE Trade Laws

The United Arab Emirate's Federal Laws protect the registered trademarks. Trademarks are words, logos, names, slogans, signatures, letters, figures, colours, software, application, website, shape, or a combination of these. The trademark legislation in the United Arab Emirates is designed to protect the interests of both consumers and businesses.

Trademark Laws cover the following main areas:

  • Definition of trademarks
  • Signs that can and cannot be registered as trademarks
  • Procedures for trademark registration and cancellation
  • Transfer of trademark ownership
  • Permitting others to use trademarks
  • Penalties for trademark law infringement and general and transitory provisions

Procedure for a Trademark and Brand Name Registration UAE?

While seeking trademark registration in UAE, ensure that the trademark isn't currently in use by another firm. After you've confirmed that the trademark isn't already in use, you may go on to the following phases of trademark registration in the United Arab Emirates.

The trademark registration process includes the following steps.

Submit the Application

Following the terms and conditions, a trademark registration application should be submitted to the ministry or the UAE trademark office. Secondly, documents for trademark registration must also be submitted together with it.

If the rules and conditions of the UAE trademark law and its executive regulations are followed, the ministry will decide on the application within 30 days of its filing.

Approval and Publication

When the ministry accepts a trademark, it will be published in the ministry's bulletin and two Arabic newspapers before being registered at the applicant's expense.

Objection Filing for the Trademark

Any interested person can file an objection to the registration of the trademark by submitting a written objection to the ministry or sending a registered mail or e-mail within 30 days from the date of the last announcement.

Within 15 days of receiving an objection to an application, the ministry must inform the registration applicant with a copy of the objection.

Certificate of Trademark

Once the trade mark is registered, the trademark owner will receive,  

  • A certificate containing the trademark's registration number
  • The date of application and registration
  • The trade name or the owner's name, nationality, and place of residence
  • A copy of the brand
  • A description of the products, goods, or services covered by the trademark
  • The number and date of the international priority right

Extension Fees, if Required

This is the final step in trademark registration requirements. A registered trademark will be under legal security in the UAE for ten years since the date of official TM registration. To keep a brand in force after ten years, the owner should pay an additional official fee to the UAE Ministry of Economy for further extension. The quantity of extensions for trademark certificates is not limited.

While considering the trade registration procedure in the uae, it would be a good start if you feel like starting a business. Knowing the company formation in the UAE will guide in clearly visualizing the process.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

If you decide to register your trademark in the United Arab Emirates, you must first prepare. Then you'll undoubtedly consider what paperwork you'll need to prepare for your trademark application. The procedure will be straightforward if these documents are prepared on time.

The following is a list of required documents:

  • Soft copy of your trademark image
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of Applicants passport
  • Certificate of Trademark registration if registered in another country
  • Legal translation of the trademark application
  • The required fees

Trademark Registration UAE cost

The trademark registration fees in UAE for one class include the following

Particulars Cost in USD
Initial Search 136
Application fees 272
Publication in the UAE Gazette 272
Publication in two local newspapers 272
Final Registration fees 2,718
Total 3,670

As we concluded, one should choose a patent, copyright, or trademark depending on whether your innovation is an invention, a work of art, or a symbolic representation of your company. This is because not only the conception and concretization of one's intellectual property but also the preservation of one's intellectual property is of the highest significance in today's world.

Moreover, knowing a guide to intellectual property in the UAE helps you understand the various laws and regulations.

Our Role

Business Setup Worldwide is a business consulting firm with trained consultants with more than a decade of expertise in establishing businesses in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. We also provide UAE intellectual property and trademark registration services at Business Setup Worldwide. Contact us for further clarification if you are happy with what we said.


Name some local newspapers where one can publish the announcement of your trademark?

The local newspapers where one can publish the announcement of their trademarks are
Al Khaleej
Al Watan
Al Ittihad
Al Bayan
Al Wahda

What is the trademark validity in the UAE?

A trademark documented in the UAE has a validity of ten years.

What is the cost of trademark renewal fees in the UAE?

The cost of trademark renewal fees is approximately around AED 6,700.

Is trademark registration necessary in the UAE?

Yes, trade mark registration is necessary for the UAE.

How many months does it take to obtain a trademark registration?

It takes around 5-6 months to obtain trademark registration in the UAE.

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