British Virgin Island, A Tax Haven for Offshore Company

A country where you can establish your offshore business and never have to worry about paying any taxes to the country has been one of the most alluring factors for any businessman. According to OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), a tax haven is a jurisdiction which actively makes itself attractive to business owners seeking more favourable tax treatments than those available in their home country.

Such countries offer a great deal of little to no-tax liability to individuals or businesses. One such tax haven is the British Virgin Island in the Caribbean; a region where most of its nations boast for its tax security and strict financial privacy laws.

British Virgin Island as Tax Haven

 The British Virgin Islands, or shortly known as BVI, is a group of approximately sixty islands in the Eastern Caribbean. 16 of such islands are inhabited and the largest of which, Tortola is the capital and commercial centre of BVI.

The economy of BVI is considered to be the most prosperous in the Caribbean region, the majority of which comes from financial services, prominently offshore financial services and tourism. Financial services make up the major economy with over 50% and most of the territory’s income comes from licence fees paid by offshore companies to the government.

The territory does not impose any taxes on companies plus it has no tax treaties with other nations which thereby protect your financial privacy of bank account and make it the ideal place to set up your BVI offshore bank account. British Virgin Island Offshore companies pay no taxes on annual capital gains, gift tax, inheritance tax, value-added tax, sales tax, or corporation tax. The only monetary payment they will have to make is the annual business license fee to the government of the country. These factors of beneficial tax laws and financial privacy where your financial transactions are kept private, makes BVI one of the greatest Tax Havens in the world.

The Taxation in the BVI is relatively simple and most notable for its subjection to no tax imposed on companies and individuals. However, there’s a payroll deduction of up to 8% for employees with 12% to 14% paid by employers for any salaries above $10,000. 

Advantages Of Offshore Company Formation In The British Virgin Island

 The offshore company formation in the BVI is governed by the BVI Business Companies Act enacted in the year 2004. The territory is so popular for offshore company registration that it accounts to nearly 40% of the world's total offshore companies with over 600,000 companies operating.

  •  Like mentioned earlier, a BVI offshore company pays zero income tax. No tax on capital gains, gift tax, inheritance tax, sales tax, value-added tax, or corporate tax.
  • The territory is a major tourist spot with a subtropical climate and pristine waters.
  • The most widely popular and accepted US dollar is the official currency in the territory with English as its official language.
  • It is also backed by a politically stable government. The laws in BVI are based upon British common laws.
  • It has never been blacklisted by the OECD. It has a very long history of providing beneficiaries to offshore companies.
  •  High standard of living with a per capita income that ranks within the top 20 in the world.
  •  Provision of significant flexibility in terms of mergers and acquisitions of companies.
  • There’s no currency exchange fees or limitations.
  • There’s also no need of publicising company directors, owners or shareholders.

Establishing an offshore company in BVI would be beneficial for almost any company or individual involved in international business. The place has suitable and efficient means of linking with other parts of the world through air, sea or land transportation. The incorporation would be especially beneficial to high net worth individuals and people who seek high confidentiality and private corporate set-up as the place has strict privacy laws with no inheritance tax as well meaning that they can safely protect their family wealth both from taxation and external influences like civil litigations.

So, do you need more reasons to not establish your dream of forming an offshore company at BVI? We at Business setup worldwide can help you realise your dream of setting up any business in the region from opening a restaurant to setting up bank accounts or workplaces in the territory without any hassle. Feel free to contact us anytime. We would be happy to help.