Buildexpo Africa 2019

Buildexpo Africa 2019

Buildexpo Africa is the Africa's Mega Building and Construction Event. The Expo is one of its kinds and will showcase a wide range of the latest and greatest technology and machinery in building and construction material, mining machinery and heavy duty equipments. The 21st Buildexpo from last year marked East Africa's greatest construction exhibition, where exhibitors from around 40 countries and more gathered together at one venue to showcase the most tech savvy equipment in infrastructure development and construction. The 2018 Expo witnessed key international exhibit participation from Turkey, China, India, Germany, Malaysia and Italy.

As the years rolled by the Buildexpo began to respond to not just the Kenyan market but the demands of East Africa as a whole. Thus, the Gargantuan Expo rebuilt itself to become a perfect forum for national and international companies and individuals to display their array of products and penetrate the African markets. The Expo receives visitors from East Africa and invites trade visitors annually. The trade visitors are invited directly through collaboration with regional bodies native to Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique and the Republic of Congo. Although Kenya appears as the leader in market size, the Buildexpo encourages participation from visitors and traders from neighboring countries.

About Buildexpo 2019

  • Buildexpo 2019 will mark the 22nd annual Buildexpo.
  • The expo will be held in Intl'. Convention Centre, Nirobi, Kenya. It will be held from 4th to 6th July.
  • The momentous event is supported by three major entities: the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development; the East African Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture; the Town and County Planners Association of Kenya.
  • The Expo will see an abundance of likeminded business prospects; a rough 14.3 million prospects are projected to attend the event.
  • The three day event will also display over 10,000 products, technologies, equipments and machinery at a venue with stretches on more than 10,000 square meters.
  • The Expo offers a high range of new and improved world class contraction products to a highly responsive audience.
  • Exhibitor categories range from building material, machinery and equipment, mining, steel and aluminum, lighting, glass, doors and windows, hardware and tools, woodworking, paints and coating, air conditioning, bath and kitchen fixtures, safety and security, swimming pools, architectural finishing products and construction vehicles.

Prime Exhibitors at Buildexpo 2019

Cavatorta Group

The Cavatorta Group was formed through the inception of Metallurgica Abruzzes S.p.A., Trafileria e Zincheria Cavatorta S.p.A. and Cavatorta France S.A. They converged to form one of the most prominent producer of welded wire mesh in all of Europe. Cavatorta has fostered the practice of scientific thinking, rapid customer response and widespread comprehensive research and development.

Regal Equipment Limited

Hyundai Construction Equipments sees a sole dealer in Regal Equipment Limited. A full range of Hyundai earth movers, a variety of wheel loaders and skid steers, warehousing services and production material handling equipments are some of the services provided by Regal Equipment Limited.

Tononoka Group

The Tononoka Group, formed way back in the 80's, is an extremely prominent and major supplier of steel products. Tononoka Hardware Limited is especially performing well in the Kenyan markets. The Group of Companies is privately owned and has quite commendably earned itself a highly regarded position and ranks high in providing world-class quality.

The Buildexpo 2019 will create a common ground for companies from all across East Africa and some internal countries to showcase their upgraded products to a market that values and reacts to the new technologies. It creates a common ground to for both sellers and buyers of construction equipments and heavy machinery. Thus, the Buildexpo will greatly influence and benefit the African market.

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