Business Opportunities Available in Dubai Design District

Dubai Design District was formed in the year 2013 by the Prime Minister of Dubai Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum. Speaking about it is centrally located with surrounding areas of Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa a well planned free zone for the people who are fashion and design enthusiasts. To sound more appropriate an approximately thirty-six billion is expected by the year 2020.  Originally it was built to attract and raise business amongst the local, over the period it has encouraged the talents from all over the globe and bought a whole of the creative community together to learn and evolve simultaneously. 

The Dubai Design District (D3) consists of three phases dealing in Commercial and Retail; Creative Community and Waterfront Promenade.

What is the Business Opportunity Available in Dubai Design District?

The Dubai Design District caters various business set up opportunity divided amongst segments which are :

  1. Sales and Marketing - Sales and marketing include activities of creating lead and revenue, if you are the one who is useful in creating such impacts, you are ready to set off a business relating to that.
  2. Graphic Design - If you have the creative zeal of creating visual concept by either means of using software or by hand and attract consumers this is a perfect set of business you can opt for, also as Dubai is booming in the design hub there will be an ocean of opportunities for you.
  3. Archeticual Design - Who is not aware of Dubai's eye-appealing architecture, in no time Dubai has become the most favourite and creative hub for architects, with fantastic infrastructure designing it has made up a mark in the globe. If you are the one who wants to learn, create and start a business under architect, this is a one-stop place.
  4. Fashion Design Consultancy - A hub for luxury brands and rated amongst the favourite destination for shopping, hosting Dubai shopping festival to attract foreigners from all over, you can expand your fashion design consultancy in Dubai in no time, the D3 holds pop-ups, exhibitions and runaways for young talents, this is the place where you can set up your design consultancy.
  5. Beauty Advisors - Dubai is a business hub for foreigners. Also, you will find people with fashion and beauty centric there if you are the person who can outshine and has an active interest for skin and beauty there is a massive opportunity for the beauty advisors. You can set up a long-lasting relationship here.
  6. Industrial Design - There is a massive demand for industrial designers in Dubai Design District, creativity and determination of a product takes place and the free zone, if you have the flow of good creativity, there is an excellent opportunity under this industry in here for you.
  7. Modelling Agency - Dubai Design District comes with high-end luxury brands and fashion shows events, and to represent such high brands for shows you need models, and if you are the one who has a massive idea on how to run a modelling agency this is a huge opportunity to set up a business in Dubai.

Apart from that, you can also set up a business for image consulting, branding, photography and many others.

Advantages of Setting Up Business in Dubai

  • No restriction on currency
  • No income tax charges
  • Special licensing for business
  • Extraordinary location
  • Community living together
  • Co-working spaces
  • Lease property
  • Low-cost setups

How to Set-up the business mentioned above in D3 zone?

The best way is to hire a consultant to do a setup for your business in these zones, and the steps are little intermediating to follow up with, the process is :

  1. The submission of application for registration for your company, to the given authority.
  2. The second follow-up is the submission of necessary documents; after that, they will give you a challan which mentions the amount to be paid.
  3. After all, the said up capital and registration done, you get the certificate and license, and you can set your company.

In overall, we can say that D3 is the best place if you have a creative mindset. From restaurant to luxury brands, you get everything under one roof and we at business setup consulting worldwide can help you with setting your dreams here, contact us today

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