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Top Business Opportunities in Oman

Your presence on this page clearly defines that you are looking forward to a feasible ground to kick-start your business.

Have you jotted down the possible aspects of your business and yet confused regarding the destination to start with?

The Sultanate of Oman is one of the significant oil-production destinations in the Middle East. Strategically placed in the Persian Gulf, it is one of the unique investment destinations for global investors. From multi-national companies to a small business in Oman, every business entity and industry find a suitable platform for growth.

If you are looking to invest in a foreign destination, Oman is the right place you can count on. Let’s have a glimpse.

Oman: An Overview

With Muscat as its capital, the economy of Oman has grown significantly and has positioned itself among the fastest-growing economies among the Arabian countries.

Oman liberalized its markets to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and has gained membership in 2000.

As per the statistical sources, Oman’s GDP in billion U.S dollars is expected to reach 87.74 by 2026, which stood at 76.33 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.

Although the nation is an oil-driven economy yet, there has been a dramatic change; the nation continues to expand its areas of growth opportunities in the other business segments. Today, business setup in Oman has turned out to be a more straightforward process as easy guidelines back the setup process.

Startup Oman

Oman is a perfect ground for the newbies in the market. Right from technology-based startup to other areas like carrying out freelancing activities, the nation provides enough liberty to the new business minds to come forward and implement their business ideas at ease.

The Omani government has been taking numerous initiatives to provide a good ground, and thus, they have taken the initiative of bringing Oman’s startup ecosystem together.

Oman Startup Hub is a platform designed to attract startups, investors, advisors, and entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate under one system.

Invest Easy Oman Activities

Coming to the investment activities, one can start a business in Oman by focusing on the following business segments:


Oman’s tech sector has been flourishing as there has been a consistent increase in internet users. The nation is looking forward to creating a vibrant digital economy by innovative techniques to penetrate technology in all possible segments.

Vision 2040 is a long-term development plan for enhancing the ICT infrastructure, widening the business opportunities for the business investors at ease.

If you are a tech-businessman and planning to start or expand your business, you can think about the same.

2.Event-based businesses

 Oman is a favourable destination for parties, celebrity events and grand wedding celebrations, thus, paving out a way for the event planners to launch their business in the land.

 Creative minds can find the location favourable to implement their business ideas at ease and enter the international market.

3.Travel and Tourism

 Another favourable business segment that gets driven in the nation is the travel and tourism business. The pandemic significantly impacted the tourism and travel industry, yet virtual tourism is focused on today.

 If you deal in the travel industry, you can channelize out to kick-start your travel business in Oman.   However, to start the same, you might have to get a travel license from the Ministry of Tourism to get an authentication.

4.Perfume business

Oman is one of the emerging grounds for the perfume business. Moreover, it paves out an easy way for investors to invest in this domain as it is surrounded by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, Oman has enormous potential for the perfume industry for immense growth, and if you are dealing in this domain, this is the right time to kick-start your perfume business in the region.

5.Facility maintenance company

When it comes to a facility maintenance company, it helps to fix electrical, plumbing issues. Oman has been a driving destination for the commercial and residential market, and thus, there lies high demand in the facility maintenance business.

The segment has got enormous potential to reap high-end profits and pave out enough growth opportunities for expansion.

6.Franchise Opportunities in Oman

Another segment that can be easily targeted is the franchise business opportunities. Oman has a large chain of franchise business in the food, car, family outlets, educational segments. For investors looking for an easy start, one can quickly enter the franchise segment and deal with the opportunities at ease.

Furthermore, other areas can be focused on like fishing, manufacturing, mining, hospitality business that comes under consideration. Here’s a guide on the 8 Reasons to Start a Business in Oman that will help you get better transparency about why investors proceed ahead with the zone.

However, it becomes essential for you to understand that one has to plan every step before stepping into the playground. Thus, it is essential to move ahead under the expert’s guidance to carry out the tasks at ease.

At Business Setup Worldwide, we take care of the essentials that will accompany you in the entire process of incorporation, settle the legal activities, and help you build your business foundation in Oman, the future business hub. We have a vast portfolio of satisfied clients all around the world. For further information or any query, do contact us. We’d be happy to assist!