BVI Holding Company

BVI Holding Company

The British Virgin Islands is known to be an ideal offshore jurisdiction for conducting different businesses. The jurisdiction provides a stable business environment, and many prefer doing business in the British Virgin Islands. While considering doing business, many people have varied thoughts about doing different business in BVI. As the location is open to many business structures and known for its complete flexibility, setting up an offshore holding company in BVI is considered one of the most demanding choices.

However, in this write-up, let's deep dive into the concept of an offshore holding company setup, and if you are satisfied with that, you can take action to start yours.

BVI Holding Company- All You Need to Know

A BVI holding company is especially a registered company in the BVI. It is primarily structured in a way to hold the shares. These shares can be in companies in the BVI or other countries. In addition to that, the BVI holding is responsible for keeping the outstanding shares of other corporate entities. 

Also, a BVI holding company setup was established to provide various business advantages to its business investors and shareholders.

Benefits of Opting for BVI Holding Company Setup

BVI holding company can benefit you in a number of ways. However, in order to enjoy those benefits, you must listen to the following advantages.

  • Flexibility in taxation
  • Complete privacy in terms of holding shares
  • Ease of company incorporation
  • Complete banking assistance

Along with the holding company advantages, explore the top eight reasons to set up a holding company.

Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Set up a BVI Holding Company

While thinking of setting up a holding company, you must conduct deep research. After conducting thorough research, follow the basic steps provided by Business Setup Worldwide.

  1. Get in Touch with a Registered Business Setup Consultant

While establishing an offshore holding company, the primary thing to focus on is getting an offshore consultant's assistance. By getting the assistance of a business consultant, you will gain a complete understanding of the requirements you have to focus on.

  1. Finalize a Business Name with the Right Guidance

Once you are clear with your choice in choosing an experienced business expert, then you have to focus on finding the right business name. While choosing a business name, you have to follow certain procedures. In order to know its requirements, get in touch with Business Setup Worldwide.  

  1. Fill Out the Form and Submit it

Later on, to proceed with the offshore holding company set up in your desired jurisdiction, you have to fill out a relevant application form. While filling out the form, you should cross-check whether you have filled all the respective columns. In order to get any assistance in knowing about the application process, contact the business setup consultants from Business Setup Worldwide.

  1. Wait for Company Setup Approval

After submitting the filled form, you have to wait for the company's approval. After the approval, your firm is legally documented to start doing business. Additionally, explore why you should invest in a holding company.

  1. Open a Bank Account 

After carrying out all the steps with proper guidance, you have to take your turn in opening a bank account. While conducting any type of business, it is essential to have an offshore bank account. To open one, you have to undergo a certain documentation process. In order to get the details regarding bank account opening, contact the business setup consultancy.

BSW's Role in Supporting Individuals in Setting up an Offshore Holding Company

From the above-mentioned points, we got to know that a holding company can benefit business individuals in multiple ways. However, to open your BVI holding company setup without any restriction and time lagging, get in touch with Business Setup Worldwide. The consulting company is world widely known for its business setup services. In order to get you updated with other offshore services, kindly reach out to us.


Who is eligible to be a shareholder in a BVI company?

One shareholder is required for your BVI company, who may also serve as the director. Shareholders are free to dwell anywhere and might be from any country.

How long does incorporating a holding company in BVI take?

It takes 2-3 working days to incorporate an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands.

Is accounting required for the BVI offshore company setup?

No, accounting is not required for the BVI offshore company setup.

What legal system is followed in setting up a BVI offshore company?

The type of legal system followed in setting up a BVI offshore company is the Common law.

List out the documents required for BVI offshore company formation.

The documents required for BVI offshore company formation is
Certified passport copy
Certified copy of proof of domicile

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