Choosing the Right Offshore Company Setup Packages

Offshore Company Setup Packages

The navigation of setting up an offshore company is a daunting task. You have to understand the following criteria:

  • Tax benefits
  • Asset protection
  • Global expansion
  • Expertise in regulations

Here comes pre-made offshore company setup packages. But, with so many options, choosing the right one can feel like walking on the sea. Fear not, this blog will chart your course in selecting the perfect package for your offshore business setup. 

Define your Destination

Before jumping into the packages, you have to have a clear idea of the jurisdictions to choose for registering an offshore company. Consider the following aspects to reach the conclusion:

  1. What are your Business Goals?

Are you looking for tax optimization, market access and asset protection? Each goal demands a different package configuration. Therefore it is advisable to contact a business consultant to get a clear idea.

  1. Where will your Business Operate?

To answer this question, there are numerous jurisdictions to open offshore companies. Each jurisdiction offers various benefits and regulations for offshore company setup. Research the compatibility with your target market. Align your business goals accordingly with the offshore jurisdictions. 

  1. What is your Budget?

Offshore company setup packages range from bare-bones essentials to concierge-level services. Now it’s your call to take. It’s advisable for you to go for such a package where you will benefit much from your business in the long run. It’s not feasible to go after a less-priced package because it will often provide you with fewer services. Therefore finalize wisely  your business package. 

Explore the Package Landscape

There are a range of offshore company setup packages. Take a look at the hereby:

  1. Basic Packages:

This type of package offers essential company formation, often in popular jurisdictions like BVI (British Virgin Islands), for example. This package is cost-effective. However, it requires some additional services you will require such as an offshore company with bank account opening or a license.  

  1. Standard Packages:

The standard packages often involve the basic requirements for company setup services. You can get a registered office address, nominee directors and sometimes bank account assistance. This type of package includes an amalgamation of affordability and convenience. 

  1. Premium Packages:

This package meets your complex needs, including the following:

  • Offering legal consultations
  • Compliance services
  • Tailored solutions.

This type of package is only for larger businesses or for businesses that need special requirements.

Top 5 Jurisdictions for Offshore Incorporation

Here are some of the top locations to open offshore companies. Check out the locations and the benefits of the same:

Top Locations

Benefits (IBC)


  • No personal income tax for an IBC
  • The minimum no. of shareholders is 1
  • Well-developed banking structures
  • Easy incorporation process


  • Structural flexibility
  • Tax exemption
  • Low administrative requirements


  • No income corporate tax
  • No exchange control
  • Strong privacy and confidentiality level
  • Easy incorporation process


  • Asset protection
  • No annual reporting
  • Easy company formation

St. Lucia

  • Tax-free offshore jurisdiction
  • Flexible business opportunities
  • No minimum capital is required
  • There are no requirements to file accounting records

Beyond the package features, consider these crucial factors

  1. Jurisdiction Reputation:

Go for reputable and established jurisdictions with a strong legal system and a clean international record. For example, Belize, Cayman Island etc are some of the reputable business jurisdictions for setting up an offshore company. 

  1. Provider Experience:

Select a reputable company with a proven track record and client testimonials to get offshore company incorporation services. Business Setup Worldwide is one such consultancy that can provide you with the required services.

  1. Transparency and Communication:

Make sure you have clear communication channels and service descriptions to avoid any hidden costs or surprises. 

  1. Compliance Support:

Verify the provider's expertise regarding the regulations and filing requirements. We at BSW provide services by following the business support services following the compliances.  

Remember, a package is just a starting point, Consult with business professionals to get updates on the offshore company formation packages. Business Setup Worldwide can be your guiding partner in this path. So contact us before making any decisions related to offshore companies. Our business consultants will assist you with legal advice.


1. What services are typically included in an offshore company setup package?

Services may vary depending on the provider, but common components include
1. Company incorporation
2. Ongoing compliance support
3. Bank account opening assistance
4. Legal documentation preparation
5. Registered office and agent services,
6. Nominee director and shareholder services.

2. Are offshore companies legal?

Offshore companies are legal entities registered in jurisdictions that permit their formation. However, using offshore companies for illegal activities such as tax evasion or money laundering is illegal and subject to severe penalties.

3. Is it possible to open a bank account for my offshore company?

Yes, many offshore company setup packages include assistance with opening a bank account in a jurisdiction that suits your business needs. However, banks may have stringent requirements and due diligence procedures for offshore companies.

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