Common Misconceptions About BVI Company Incorporation

BVI Company Incorporation

The best way to not have any wrong notions about jurisdiction is by having a thorough knowledge of it. This understanding will help in making strong decisions when forming a company. 

Here is a list of common misbeliefs regarding offshore company incorporation in BVI:

This is not true. Offshore business is suitable for everyone. Due to zero corporate tax, business people can save a lot of money. The government also has signed a double taxation treaty with various jurisdictions so that the income will not be taxed twice. This can reduce your tax liability and increase your profits. 

The business and legal environments are also protected, so your asset protection will be trouble-free.

There is a misconception that all offshore business conducted in the BVI is illegal.  The reality is that offshore companies comply with the laws of the jurisdiction.

It is wrong to say that you can hide money in the British Virgin Islands. This jurisdiction is meant to reduce tax liability, and you can enjoy lower tax liability by incorporating your company in it.

Most people believe that there are no reporting requirements for BVI companies, which is not true. Filing the annual returns and maintaining the beneficial owner's records is necessary. Avoiding the reporting requirements may affect your reputation and lead to severe consequences. 

There is a notion that shareholders' and directors' information is made public. BVI is known for its strict privacy and confidentiality. All details are kept and maintained in strict secrecy, ensuring your information is secure and protected.

These are the common misconceptions people face in BVI. To overcome these mistakes, you can seek the guidance of business experts at Business Setup Worldwide. For any assistance regarding business incorporation in BVI, kindly email us at [email protected].


What is an offshore company?

An offshore company refers to any business activity that takes place outside one's home country.

Is it illegal to conduct offshore business?

No, it is not illegal to conduct offshore business.

List out a few offshore jurisdictions.

A few offshore jurisdictions are
The British Virgin Islands
St Vincent and Grenadines

How long does it take to open an offshore company?

The time to open an offshore company varies accoring to your jurisdiction.