Construction License in Dubai

 Construction License in Dubai

In the early days of its formation, the Dubai was a small fishing village in the Arabian Gulf, with development of port facilities, and trading centres slowly made it into a hub of trade and commerce in the Middle East. The Emirate of Dubai took a drastic step by shifting the focus away from oil and gas for developing the economy, while other Emirates in the country had them as a major contributor of wealth to the economic growth. With the reduced reliance on hydrocarbon-based energy resources in the long-term, it is a challenge for the regions with oil & gas exports constituting a significant portion of their trade gains. The Government of Dubai is optimistically gearing up for circumventing this challenge by actively taking steps to diversify the economy while accelerating the growth by attracting international investments in construction, trade and business.

Strategic Initiatives by the Emirate of Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai developed comprehensive plans with long-term vision under the visionary leadership of the Ruler of Dubai HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Region of Dubai followed the path of its leader and pioneered the art of attracting international investments, businesses and trade activities into the country by creating extensive support infrastructure by developing multi-modal connectivity channels for logistics, state-of-the-art communications & telecom connectivity, high-tech commercial centres and the exclusive industry-focused free zones in Dubai with foreign investor-friendly regulations.

Dubai’s Construction Industry

Dubai has long been one of the most active, busiest and forward-looking construction markets in the world. The construction industry has always been synonymous with Dubai’s emergence as the economic centre in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). Iconic skyscrapers, human-made islands, massive residential societies, modern commercial centres and advanced industries in Dubai are the masterpieces of the cutting-edge construction industry in the region.

Why Start your Business in the Construction Industry?

The Government of Dubai has developed strategic plans to regulate the construction industry making it more organised and attractive of the international investors, organisations to invest, establish and operate in the construction sector. While focusing on developing the industry, the government has created an effective legal framework and conducive environment for construction businesses in the region. With developmental infrastructure projects continuously propping up everywhere in Dubai region, the construction companies have numerous opportunities to expand their business and earn lucrative profits by taking part in the goal to offer world-class infrastructure for the residents, businesses, companies, industries and economic free zones.

Creating the Future Dubai Expo 2020

Another thing that you should look forward is the Dubai Expo 2020 which is known as the “Olympics for Business” is expected to attract millions of tourists, business leaders, and prospective investors, if you’re a business person you can spot this golden opportunity to get new projects, investments and partnerships with international players in the construction industry.

What is a Construction License in Dubai?

Construction license in Dubai authorises you to engage in the construction businesses by starting a company registered in the UAE. The construction license comes under the commercial license which means you have to acquire a commercial license stating the intent to perform construction industry based business activities.

How to Get a Construction License?

If you are a company registered in UAE or Dubai, you need to satisfy all the necessary requirements before getting the construction license which permits you to perform business in the construction industry in Dubai.

  • The first requirement is to have a commercial license
  • Second is to have a company registered in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE (except free zones).
  • Third, your company needs to fulfil the requirements set by the authorities which allow you to apply for the construction license. These requirements range from having qualified professional engineers, experienced consultants and proper permits from government authorities including environment license and civil work permit

If you have your company registered in a UAE, then you need to get several other permits and licenses from the governmental organisations, agencies and authorities before starting full-fledged business operations in Dubai. The government officials are very clear about the licensing, and permits failing to acquire and commencing business operations will lead to strict actions from the authorities based upon the laws which include hefty fines and harsh imprisonment terms.

Other necessary approvals needed for Construction Business in Dubai

  • A “G+1 permit” from the Dubai Municipality for starting any construction based activity in Dubai
  • Permit and approval from the Drainage and Irrigation Department Dubai for ensuring the liquid waste management procedures and other waste disposal mechanisms
  • Permit and approval Dubai Water and Electricity Department to confirm the provision of basic amenities to the occupants
  • Permits from the Building department and Dubai Civil Defence Authority after cross-checking the construction has adhered according to the norms set by the government

If you have not obtained them then contact us, we can assist you in acquiring a commercial license in Dubai according to your business requirement. We can also help you in forming a construction company registered in Dubai with our professional team who can handle all the legal requirements, documents and deal with the respective government authorities on your behalf.

Types of Construction Licenses in Dubai

1.Building Contracting License

  • Activity Code: 452001
  • Activity Group: Contracting and building works
  • License Type: Commercial

2.Wrecking and Demolitions License

  • Activity Code: 451001
  • Activity Group: Contracting and building works
  • License Type: Commercial

3.Steel Constructions Contracting License

  • Activity Code: 452008
  • Activity Group: Contracting and building works
  • License Type: Commercial

4.Building Maintenance License

  • Activity Code: 454007
  • Activity Group: Building maintenance, surveillance and cleaning services
  • License Type: Commercial

Opportunities for Construction Businesses in Dubai

As the construction industry is a vast business sector with numerous business opportunities for companies ranging from material supply to labour supply you can succeed by operating according to the rules and regulations in the Dubai’s construction industry.

  • Construction Materials Manufacturing (i.e., cement, brick or steel manufacturing)
  • Construction Materials Import & Export (i.e., importing pre-fabricated materials and raw materials such as ceramics and construction grade steels)
  • Construction Materials Distribution
  • Supply chain management (i.e., supply of gravel, sand and other construction essentials)
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Engineering support services (i.e., site management, labour force management, site safety monitoring, Air-conditioning and water heating equipment installation)
  • Construction logistics (i.e., concrete transport, materials transport)
  • General contractors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Construction speciality trades such as electrical wiring, plumbing, welding and others
  • Architecture & Design (i.e., interior decoration, architectural designing)
  • Construction Services (i.e., designing, pre and post construction cleaning, site security, borehole drilling, building crane services, landscaping services)

With the goal to create a world-class hub for business in the Middle East region, the Emirate has been investing heavily on developing and establishing cutting-edge infrastructure for international entrepreneurs, business leaders and well-established organisations to expand and set up their business in Dubai. In the path towards realising the goal the construction industry has been on the forefront of the race by creating residential, retail, commercial spaces, transport infrastructure, purpose-built infrastructures such as industries, processing plants, ports, and logistics zones.

Over the years the trade, commerce, business, and finance has grown to whole new levels in Dubai with the effective policies implemented by the government. If you are interested in starting a construction company in Dubai or planning to expand your business to the UAE by acquiring a construction license contact us. Our experts in Dubai can professionally assist you in obtaining the business licenses in UAE by taking care of the legal, documentation aspects and can deal with authorities in acquiring the permits as per your business requirements in the United Arab Emirates.


What are the requirements to start a construction company?

The documents required to establish a new construction business are
A drafted plan of the construction business
Applicant's ID proof
Aadhaar card of the applicant
Proof of address
Recent passport of the applicant

Who issues construction licenses in Dubai?

The Dubai Municipality issues construction licenses in Dubai.

List out a few construction works in Dubai.

A few construction works in Dubai are
Construction of all types of buildings and facilities
Maintenance of facilities on a turnkey basis
Foundation and concrete works
Construction of special purpose facilities
Construction of metal structures
Facade and finishing works
Landscape Gardening

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