Corporate Banking in Qatar

Qatar has invested heavily in developing a secure financial ecosystem that maintains a stable growth and a reliable banking system which is resilient from external pressures while offering extensive services to the people and businesses in the country. The Qatar economy has exhibited rapid growth in several sectors of industry and social fields, despite the changes in the international financial markets. This was possible due to the secure financial environment maintained by the effective policies and decisions from the financially wise Qatari authorities who have worked together with the banks to minimise losses and market crashes.

Banking in Qatar

The consumers and businesses have a wide choice of local and international banks that offers a variety of financial products that serve their needs, mainly Qatar is a well-recognised centre for Islamic banking and developing sharia-compliant products.

The state’s robust financial and banking system is maintained and regulated by two major governmental organisations. Qatar allows the starting of private banks, investors firms and insurance companies within Qatar following the guidelines from the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) and commercial companies' law which dictates the rules and regulations regarding the corporate structure. The Qatar Central Bank is the sole regulator of the

Meanwhile, the state-of-the-art advanced FinTech companies and Technology based start-ups that operate with the financial sector from around the world are encouraged and supported by the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) which creates guidelines, rules and regulations for financial institutions that are ambitious in setting up or expanding their business in Qatar. QFC offers a high-standard, compelling tax environment with world-class infrastructure to the company's including hundred per cent foreign ownership, custom-built infrastructure with access to the Qatar Stock Exchange. The nurturing and expanding their business across the Middle East by providing a stable platform for growth and development.

The institutions secure the interests of the investors, bankers, and corporate in the country’s financial market such as the Qatar Stock Exchange, real-estate and industries by creating tight regulation and supportive policies that enhance the confidence within the stakeholders, and international investors in Qatar making giving it the competitive edge among the emerging markets.

What is Corporate Banking?

Corporate finance and banking is a specialised area in which the bank or the financial institution assists the businesses and companies in achieving their financial goals while streamlining finances, offering everyday banking and anticipating the future needs of the market.

The corporate banking service supported the business needs of the company with a strong reputation in handling large-scale finances, high credibility with regulators and focused on offering tailor-made financial solutions for the company in cash management, financing projects, building structured finance, equity, trade and capital markets. With constant growth and diversification of businesses, corporate banking serves as a fast, secure and efficient platform that manages your financial demands through innovative solutions and services.

Corporate Banking in Qatar

Qatar offers a world of business opportunities for local as well as international entrepreneurs and investors allowing them to start their business with complete foreign ownership in most of the sectors. This has improved the Qatari economy and diversified it away from the oil & gas, heavy industries which were predominant in the State. Through dedicated governance and wise leadership under the current Emir, the nation has developed the Qatar National Vision 2030 which aligns closely with the growth in the financial sector the State of Qatar.

The opportunities in the non-oil sector facilitate start-ups, SME’s and well-established companies around the world to expand their operations in Qatar which has world-class infrastructure, robust financial sector, effective legal system and high-standards of living that promotes enterprising spirit through positive investments in growing businesses. The country is home to numerous companies, organisations, enterprises and institutions of various sizes and these industries are entirely served by the Qatari financial sector meeting the requirements of diversified clients.

The corporate banking services are offered by some of the top banks in Qatar. They offer a wide range of corporate finance, advisory services, financial products and trade solutions tailor-made of every type of company that operates in Qatar.

The banks that offer corporate banking services in Qatar are

  • Al Mashreq Bank
  • Al Khaliji Commercial Bank
  • Arab Bank
  • Ahli Bank
  • Barwa Bank (Sharia-Compliant Islamic Bank)
  • Commercial Bank of Qatar (CBQ)
  • Doha Bank
  • HSBC Bank Middle East
  • Islamic Bank of Qatar (IBQ)
  • Masraf Al Rayan Bank(Sharia-Compliant Islamic Bank)
  • Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB)(Sharia-Compliant Islamic Bank)
  • Qatar National Bank (QNB)
  • Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB)(Sharia-Compliant Islamic Bank)
  • Standard Chartered-Qatar

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