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Current Qatar Free Zone Status

The province of (Qatar) is one of the quickest developing economies and has the most elevated per capita income on the planet. It's anything but a quick change to draw in driving worldwide organizations and people to help convey a future driven by development.

Albeit most of the country's incomes come from its regular stores and assets, since the improvement in 2008–2012 of Sheik Tamim receptacle Hamad Al Thani's Qatar National Vision 2030, Qatar's financial strategy has likewise been centred around creating and growing its non-energy-related areas and enterprises.

Qatar's National Vision 2030 is set to put over US$200 billion in human, financial, social, and natural turns of events and headways to build up a self-supporting economy. To accomplish this vision and to drive unfamiliar interest into the country, Qatar has accommodated the formation of various 'free zones' that offer rewarding business and economic motivating forces. One of these is the Qatar Free Zones (the QFZ).

The QFZ was set up as per Law No. 34 of 2005 (as revised in 2017) and includes two regions situated in Ras Bufontas and Um Alhoul. These zones are considered as building up independent "states inside an express" that sit beyond Qatar for legitimate, administrative, assessment, and customs purposes.

Benefits of establishing in the QFZ

Foreign investors licensed by the Qatar Free Zones Authority (the QFZA) enjoy a range of benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Renewable 20-year tax holidays; and
  • 100 percent foreign ownership;
  • Zero corporate tax;
  • Zero customs duty;
  • No individual income tax;
  • Possible additional incentives for investing in economic sectors or projects that are considered strategic or lead to increasing the local component ratio in its products.

Eligibility of Application

Like other free zones in Qatar, unfamiliar financial backers are obliged to meet the qualification models set by the QFZA to acquire a permit to complete their business exercises. A timetable of the allowed exercises (the Schedule of Permitted Activities) has been given by the QFZA and can be found on the QFZ site.

On the occasion a QFZ substance goes into business with people or elements dwelling in Qatar, the QFZ element will be treated as an unfamiliar element and will be dependent upon the material nearby laws and guidelines in such a manner.

As a free zone situated close to the air terminal and the port, it plans to target key ventures, for example, sea, polymers and plastics, progressed assembling, and coordination. Notwithstanding, the extent of exercises that are allowed to be done in the QFZ are wide.

Free zones provide an excellent avenue for company formation in Qatar.

Setting up

The QFZA works as an all-inclusive resource permitting office where candidates can submit applications to rent land, business premises, or offices in the pertinent regions and to accordingly join a restricted risk organization or register a branch inside its ward. It ought to be noticed that under the QFZA guidelines, candidates are not allowed to possess property inside the QFZ.

Candidates meaning to build up an element in the QFZ should present an application structure (the Application) to the QFZA that should incorporate the accompanying:

  • A concise foundation on the candidate;
  • A business strategy;
  • An assertion of the candidate's assigned land prerequisites, including the sort of property, the gross inward region required, and the term the land is needed for;
  • An assertion of the candidate's expected business exercises by reference to the Schedule of Permitted Activities;
  • Proof of instalment of the significant charge for the Application as set out in the timetable of expenses gave and refreshed every now and then by the QFZA; and
  • Some other data or documentation that the QFZA may need now and again.

When the Application has been submitted, it will be thought about in contrast to the qualification models. The QFZA will consider applications on a case-to-case premise to decide whether the proposed business is in accordance with Qatar's objectives, monetary expansion, and development system.

QFZ Progress

Since its initiation, the QFZ has drawn in plenty of internationally prestigious organizations, including, yet not restricted to, Google, DHL, and Volkswagen. As of now, the QFZA has received a few key guidelines for setting up a substance in the free zones and undertaking any supported allowed action.

The QFZA is further during the time spent receiving extra guidelines (for instance, in regard to work, protected innovation, and bankruptcy) that will enhance the current essential guidelines.

Such guidelines will reinforce the QFZ's legitimate climate and give a solid and exhaustive lawful structure that current and future investors will depend on and take advantage from.

The appropriation of the leftover guidelines will give extra investor lucidity and security and draw in more investors to settle in the free zones, which will profit such investors and add to the development of the QFZ in accordance with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

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