Cyprus Ends Citizenship by Investment: What Alternatives Are Left for Asset Holders?

Asset Holders

Citizenship by investment allows individuals to get the full benefit of the offshore jurisdiction - remembering an escape from political and practical strife for a host country - by turning out to be citizens. While there is a big list of prospective options for citizenship by investment, one option is or was Cyprus.

Citizenship by investment is the procedure by which an individual, hitched couple, or family essentially makes an investment or offers a gift to a country in exchange for citizenship. 

This is a reasonable alternative for individuals who are hoping to move from their nations of origin because of an assortment of issues.

With tensions rising, in areas such as the United States because of a wide scope of issues going from COVID to the impending elections, individuals are searching for better infrastructures where they can live and invest. 

Citizenship by investment provides opportunities in areas such as Dominica, Turkey, St. Lucia, Malta, Jordan, Egypt, and, up to this point, Cyprus.

Why, out of nowhere, is this event happening?

The Cyprus Papers Leak

The news outlet Al Jazeera late released The Cyprus Papers, an aggregate break of 1400 documents that expressly showed how Cyprus was conceding passports to known criminals who were searching for a safe harbour. 

At that point, following, this hole, Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit released The Cyprus Papers Undercover, which depicted how parliament speaker Demetrius Syllouris and parliament part Christakis Giovanis were eager to assist sentenced criminals with getting passports through the very Citizenship Investment Program (CIP) that had pulled in so many well-intended individuals.

These events prompted the program to be ended. Presently, asset holders are trying to understand what they can do

Cyprus once was among the lowest tax regimes in Europe and still is, and keeping in mind that individuals were once ready to move there easily, presently that has reached a conclusion.

So, can asset holders keep up some of the benefits they had previously? The answer is yes. One choice that is still on the table is to make an organization and additionally banking in Cyprus.

Most global investors prefer to open an offshore bank account in Cyprus now to benefit from the gains even better.

Cyprus Offshore Corporation and Banking Account

There are various advantages to shaping a company in Cyprus, including a low corporate tax pace of 12.5%. Some forms of income, such as interest income, dividend income, and foreign exchange gains, are excluded from taxation.

In case you register an offshore company in Cyprus, you have greater flexibility in your company structure, and there is no base capital prerequisite. Just a single director and one shareholder are needed for your organization when you make it in Cyprus, offering an advantage for single-claimed entities. Moreover, Cyprus is a notable solution for internet business companies.

Setting up an organization in Cyprus can be useful in the correct circumstances. Regardless of whether you choose to do this or open an individual offshore account in Cyprus, you can still exploit some of the novel financial benefits offered by this jurisdiction.

For instance, if you need to invest in an offshore jurisdiction that offers phenomenal web-based banking options, you should study banks in Cyprus.

Online bank transfers and different services make it easy to deal with your finances regardless of where you are. Plus, the European area of Cyprus lends to full multi-currency facilities.

Apart from the above mentioned, here’s more on the Benefits of Cyprus company formation with a Bank Account


Despite the fact that Cyprus no longer offers the citizenship by investment program that was attracting individuals from around the globe with its fast naturalization process, the nation is still one of the lowest tax regimes that could be found in Europe.

Despite the fact that citizenship by investment is a gold star for individuals who need to genuinely escape from issues in their nations of origin, those who are only searching for a superior financial situation can still make the most of a large number of the opportunities that Cyprus has to offer.

As with every single financial situation, the way to find the correct alternative for you is to assess your needs and go with the choice that will best profit you.

In the event that you are still profoundly considering citizenship by investment opportunity, just realize that there are still numerous different options in the Caribbean, Europe, and different areas around the planet. 

With the Cyprus Papers and the Cyprus Papers Undercover investigation approaching, it's no uncertainty that many are scrambling to discover new arrangements that will best meet their financial needs going ahead.


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1. Is a Certificate of Incumbency mandatory to open a bank account in BVI?

Yes, a certificate of incumbency is mandatory to open a bank account in BVI.

2. How many days does the application for the Certificate of Incumbency take?

The application for a Certificate of Incumbency takes 2 working days.

3. What are the relevant documents contained in the Certificate of Incumbency?

The certificate of incumbency contains the following information:
 Name of the company
 Date of incorporation/formation
 Registration number
 Authorised capital (for corporations)
 Directors/Managers of the company
 Officers of the company
 Shareholders/Members of the company

4. Does a branch company need a certificate of incumbency?

No, not required for a branch company.

5. Why is an incumbency certificate required?

A financial institution may frequently request an incumbency certificate when opening an account to ensure that the people claiming to be a company's authorised signatory are permitted.

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