Different Types of Companies A Foreigner Can Incorporate in Seychelles

Foreigner Can Incorporate in Seychelles

Seychelles' ground has not only been one of the most profitable but also has leveled up as one of the most secured destinations for incorporating an offshore company. 

Although the government of Seychelles claims its economy is based mostly on tourism, recent years have seen a significant development toward industrialization and offshore financial services. The growth of the offshore sector has led to the creation of a legal framework suitable for this type of business – which encourages foreign investment - as well as tax incentives for various products aimed at attracting these investors. 

Types of Companies in Seychelles

As an offshore financial haven, Seychelles has become one of the leading jurisdictions. This is because the country provides a conducive atmosphere for the creation and development of offshore companies. However, most of the time, many individuals need clarification on the type of business for the Seychelles offshore company registration. 

Special License Company

special license company is a type of corporate legal entity known as a Special International Business Company formed under the Companies Act of 1972. (IBC). Due to its ability to benefit from several double taxation arrangements, the corporate entity enjoys a better standing than a regular IBC. 

Anonymous Company

An anonymous company is another highly sought-after business structure for a Seychelles offshore company registration. Businesspeople who want to establish a business organization to protect their assets and riches from competitors choose this type of business structure. Most business owners prefer nominee director services when forming an anonymous company in Seychelles to add further safety. 

Holding Company

Many foreign investors prefer forming their own holding companies to have most of the stakes in a specific business. The primary benefit of this incorporation is that you can directly undertake control and decision-making of other businesses aside from being a minority in controlling interest. Also, a holding company is a trust-like business entity that can domestically own other businesses. 


During a Seychelles offshore company incorporation, foreign business investors frequently choose trusts as another tax-saving option. The main duties involved in managing the business and delivering the assets to the company beneficiaries are carried out by this legal business unit acting as a fiduciary or an agent on behalf of an individual or a corporate entity. 

Investment/Hedge Fund Company

Hedge fund investments are associated with investing strategies that consider both short- and long-term funds. You can incorporate any abovementioned entities as foreign business investors if it meet your company's needs. 

However, some procedures must be followed accurately and by the law. Therefore, most business owners advise moving forward with certified business specialists who fully understand the incorporation process to save time and make the most use of the company resources. 

Working with business specialists during a Seychelles offshore company incorporation is a wise choice because handling legal issues on your own could be a major problem and cause the incorporation process to be canceled. 

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Can an ex-pat open a company in Seychelles?

Yes, an ex-pat can incorporate a company in Seychelles.

What are the procedures to be followed to incorporate in Seychelles?

The procedures to be followed to incorporate in Seychelles are
Choose a business activity
Select a strategic location
Select a certified business consultant
Finalize a trading name
Apply for business setup
Submission of the documents
Open a bank account

Why are companies based in Seychelles?

Companies are based in Seychelles because of the lack of taxation.

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