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Different Types of Companies A Foreigner Can Incorporate in Seychelles

Seychelles' ground has not only been one of the most profitable but also has levelled up as one of the most secured destinations when it comes to incorporating an offshore company.

Investors from all around the world have been moving forward to set up their offshore business units with the aim of expanding their business or even protecting their business assets.

Today, the jurisdiction has turned out to be one of the highly-opted business destinations. Thus, there exists several business entities that can be incorporated into the zone.

The government of Seychelles has leveraged the flexibility to the business owners to choose different business entities depending on the size and need of the business.

This guide will provide you with the core essentials regarding the different types of business that you can focus on if you are planning to set up your offshore company in Seychelles.

1.Special License Company (SLC)

As per the Companies Act 1972, a special license company can be understood as a legal business entity called a Special International Business Company (IBC). The business entity holds a higher status than a standard IBC as it can take advantage of numerous double taxation agreements. The legal structure can be formed with the presence of only two business directors.

Here's more on What is a Special License Company in Seychelles, which will help you understand incorporating one in an elaborated way.

2.Anonymous Company

Another type of business structure that is highly in demand is an anonymous company that is often opted by business individuals who want to incorporate a business entity to safeguard their assets and wealth from business rivals and divorce proceedings.

While incorporating an anonymous company in Seychelles, most business owners prefer to opt for nominee director services to add extra protection.

3.Holding Company

       Up next is the holding company that foreign investors can easily incorporate. A       holding company is a  legal business entity that controls the shares of other companies. Most business owners who hold the dream of acquiring different shares usually opt for a holding company.


A trust is another tax-saving tool highly opted by foreign business investors when incorporating an offshore company in Seychelles. This legal business unit acts as a fiduciary or an agent on behalf of an individual or a corporate entity—the core tasks involved in administering the management and transferring the business assets to the company beneficiaries.

5.Investment/ Hedge Fund Company

A hedge company is another company that gets incorporated in Seychelles and is usually preferred by business investors keen on financial investments. In Seychelles, a hedge fund company is managed under the Mutula and Hedge Funds Act 2007.

Hedge fund investments are related to the investment methods considering both short and long term funds.

Being a foreign business investor, you can incorporate any of the business mentioned above entities provided it matches your business needs.

However, specific procedures are to be met legally and need to be carried out in an error-free way. To save time and utilize the business resources in the best possible way, most business owners refer to proceed ahead with certified business experts who hold complete knowledge of the incorporation process.

Proceeding with business experts while setting up an offshore company in any of the tax-haven jurisdiction is a profitable move as dealing with the legal proceedings single-handled might be a massive issue, resulting in abortions of the incorporation process.

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