Discover Tourism in Dubai Through the Lens of Colorful Enjoyments

Discover Tourism in Dubai

Dubai is a prosperous city that mesmerizes and captivates, charms and intrigues with its unique blend of traditional and modern architecture, hospitality and attractions. Also, it is a perfect destination for holidaymakers who want an unforgettable break from their daily humdrum routine.

Meanwhile, Dubai is considered a wonderful place to visit and a profitable destination for your tourism business.

An Ongoing Growth in Dubai Tourism Sector

According to a new report released by the Global Tourism Monitor of the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), Dubai continued its growth streak in international visitor numbers in the first five months of 2022.

Moreover, Dubai received 6.17 million international visitors compared to 2021. Its tourism and travel sectors have rebounded after Covid-19, helped by the successful handling of the pandemic.

A Wide Attraction in Dubai Tourism

There are many things to see in Dubai, from natural wonders, beautiful beaches, desert landscapes, rich Islamic culture, ancient history and stunning architecture. Tourists worldwide visit Dubai for entertainment and recreation, which is considered the most visited city in UAE.

Thousands of hotels and tourist attractions like restaurants are available for tourists to take advantage of. It is an incredible city, not just for highly grown business people but also for small budding entrepreneurs. With a wide range of activities for investors and business people, it's ideal for a relaxing and perfect place for doing business.

An Overwhelming Dubai Tourist Attractions

Dubai is one of the most tourist-friendly places worldwide. One can find various places of interest here, like beautiful beach resorts and hotels, wonderful museums and art galleries etc. Most of these places are recognized as the best tourist attractions in Dubai.

It is a popular tourist destination in the Middle East with diverse offerings that range from city tours to desert safaris. It is a fascinating place with an exotic culture, attractive flora and fauna, archaeological sites, and exciting art and cultural activities. If you are planning a holiday to Dubai, then make sure you check these attractions out before your trip.

Moreover, along with your journey, if you wish to focus on business, then know about the business setup in Dubai.

Why do People Prefer Dubai as a Relaxing Hub?

Every year, millions of tourists visit Dubai. Some of them want to explore the city while they're in town. And some might not even realize there's something worth exploring at all. This is because some of Dubai's best sites are hidden, and not everyone knows about them.


In addition, you may be overwhelmed if you're visiting Dubai for the first time. This is because Dubai is a land of many cultures and has a lot to offer. There are many places one can visit, and many opportunities await you if you're seeing this place. So many things will surprise you once you visit this city. It's also good to note that this place is more than just desert and camels.

Dubai's Tourism Business Becomes an Eye Opener for the Entrepreneurs

Dubai's tourism business is booming with the help of innovative use of new technologies. With its growing tourism industry, people can invest in setting up their tourism businesses, taking advantage of Dubai's tourist attractions like meeting foreigners, providing tour guide services and staying over at beach resorts. It has several tourist spots and popular destinations for residents and visitors.

Moreover, Dubai's tourism business is gaining a growing reputation. This is why people have realized the importance of promoting Dubai in tourism. Dubai has a unique and beautiful environment which attracts many tourists every year.

Dubai's fashion, leisure, travel and hospitality business were continuously on the rise since it was just a small market of wooden boats. But, surprisingly, now Dubai is one of the seven emirates forming the UAE; it has grown like anything becoming a prominent trade centre and tourism spot.

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Whether the tourism sector is booming in Dubai?

Yes, the tourism sector is booming in Dubai.

Who issues tourism licenses in Dubai?

The tourism licenses in Dubai are issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing

What business activities are availed with a tourism license in Dubai?

A tourism license allows a company or agency to
Sell offline tourism packages
Sell online tourism packages
Issue travel insurance
Provide accommodation or stay choices
Cater visa-related supporting services
Sell transportation tickets, including flights, railway, etc.
Avail car rental services

What are the different types of documents required for obtaining a tourism license in Dubai?

The different types of documents required for obtaining a tourism license in Dubai are,
Completed tourism license application form
Copies of valid passports of the applicants
Certificate of work qualification
Certificate of the good conduct of the owner
Detailed project report
No objection letters