The DMCC Tea Centre- Bolstering Dubai's Tea Industry

The DMCC Tea Centre- Bolstering Dubai's Tea Industry

Dubai Multi Commodity Center is one of the booming trading industries in Dubai. One can find a variety of business offers in DMCC. Among them, the most appealing business is the "tea trade". Tea trading is one of the most emerging businesses in today's sector.

If you consider knowing about the DMCC tea centre and trading tea globally, then I think you are on the right track. Understanding the tea industry and its functions would provide a comprehensive picture of today's thriving tea sector.

Tea-Most Individual's Emotions and Favourable Business Setup in Dubai

Globally, tea is the most popular beverage enjoyed by most people worldwide. During break times, people seek to refresh themselves with tea or chai. In addition, some people consider tea as their emotion.

The market value for organic tea is predicted to develop at a CAGR of 8.2 per cent and reach over US$ 2.6 billion by the end of 2032. While considering the global usage of tea, it would be profitable to do tea business in Dubai. 

To establish a tea trading company, you must also understand how Dubai's tea industry works. Thus, a thorough understanding of the worldwide market will give you an advantage over competitors. 

Historic Highway of Tea Trade

Let me tell you the origin of tea and its business.

In China, tea started being consumed in about 2700 BCE. For thousands of years, tea has been brewed from fresh leaves as a medicinal beverage, but in the third century CE, it started to be used regularly, and tea production and processing got underway.

Later, the consumption of tea and trading trade became widespread globally. With a significant market share, the UAE is currently one of the leading tea re-exporters in the world.

Dubai has been a primary international commerce gateway since the world's most extensive tea plantations were founded in India and Sri Lanka in the early 1900s.

Its strategic location midway between the tea-producing and consuming countries was a natural advantage.

With the newly found awareness and heightened interest in the health benefits of teas, this has become the fastest-growing food product category with the infinite availability of a variety of quality teas. 

A Glance at Dubai Tea Trade Centre DMCC

Dubai is already a significant regional hub for value-adding and trans-shipment. About 25% of the world's tea imports come from the Middle East and surrounding areas.

There is a chance for Dubai to significantly enhance its role as a focal point for the tea trade. As a result of the likelihood that several regional tea markets will eventually become more open to more accessible involvement in international commerce.

The Dubai Tea Trading Centre (DTTC) has been conceived as a vehicle to facilitate this process.

The Dubai Tea Trading Center (DTTC) is a specialised facility where foreign tea growers and merchants may store tea stockpiles that will be easily accessible to satisfy the immediate needs of importers in the Middle East and surrounding regions. The DTTC provides convenience to tea buyers while advancing the interests of exporters by enabling the availability of different teas from various origins.

What Advantages Would One get if Become a Member of DMCC Tea centre?

If you become a member of DMCC Tea Centre, you can enjoy the following benefits.

a) Strategic Positioning

Suppose you become a member of the DMCC tea centre. In that case, you may take advantage of the distinctive industrial clustering, infrastructure explicitly constructed for the purpose, strategic location inside the Jebel Ali Free Zone, and closeness to the Jebel Ali Port.

b) Complete Control Over Your Business 

Once you become a member of the DMCC tea centre, you will take advantage of 100% business ownership, 0% personal and corporation tax, and 100% capital repatriation.

c) Complete Package

The DMCC Tea Centre is a one-stop shop where you can effortlessly trade tea, store your products in cutting-edge warehouses, and network with suppliers, manufacturers, and other professionals in the field.

d) Tea Packing

DMCC offers a temperature-controlled tea bag packaging facility to pack both envelopes and service types. In addition, their loose tea facility fills 50g-1kg of crushed, torn and curled teas and orthodox or leaf tea varieties.

e) Commercial Space

DMCC Tea Centre can store up to 5,000 metric tonnes of bulk teas at any time. They also provide a free allocation of storage to all their members. In addition, they offer companies the option to lease space within purpose-built premises.

After knowing the benefits, if you wish to start a company, explore the Dubai Multi Commodity Center.

What are the Facilities one can Get from the DMCC Tea Centre?

If you are an investor or entrepreneur, what would you search for?

You will be searching for the facilities you would get from the respective places. To get an immense idea of what facilities they offer, scroll down the below page.

  • Limited free storage
  • Automated blending facilities
  • Tea bag packing
  • Loose tea packing
  • Flavoured tea blending and packing

Get a first-hand view of the latest developments in the Dubai tea trade from the East, and see how our newest outlet makes your tea experience even better with the help of our business experts.

After reading the above details, if you are considering starting a business, it would be helpful to know about the business formation in Dubai.

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How many countries does DMCC Tea centre process tea from?

DMCC Tea Centre processes tea from 13 different countries.

What is the exclusive tea blend newly crafted by DMCC?

Dubai is an exclusive tea blend newly crafted by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre.

Whether UAE is good for the tea trading business?


Is the tea business profitable in Dubai?

Yes, the tea business is a profitable one in Dubai.

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