Does DED Issue the Ecommerce License?

Does DED Issue the Ecommerce License?

Online shopping has become an integral part of the daily routine. It's simple, inexpensive, and provides a variety of possibilities. However, E-commerce businesses must sell to the broader population and have an e-commerce license. There are many different types of e-Commerce licenses.

Now, one must obtain an e-commerce license to start a business in the UAE.

For that, one has to submit the required documents to the authority. 

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An Outlook at DED E-commerce

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is a government agency in Dubai that manages and governs the emirate's economic agenda. Their goal is to use strategic plans and strategies to enhance and accelerate Dubai's economy's long-term growth.

People utilize the internet for purchasing for reasons other than the epidemic. Online retailers are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, saving you time and allowing you to shop from the comfort of your own home.

It's no surprise that demand for E-commerce licenses is increasing in Dubai, and there are several possibilities for starting an E-commerce firm. Learn more about the e-commerce license in Dubai.

E-commerce encompasses virtually everything starting with online grocery stores and ending with private jet booking, and e-commerce contains virtually everything. Read more about the grocery license in Dubai.

Is DED E-commerce License Necessary for Business in Dubai?

The myth attached to getting the e-commerce license is that one has to approach the DED to get an e-commerce license.

Here is the fact:

One does not have to come to DED to get an e-commerce license in the free zone. However, there are respective authorities for each Dubai free zone where you have to submit the documents for obtaining an e-commerce license.

On the other hand, one must go to DED to get an e-commerce license in Dubai mainland.

DED E-commerce License Fees

The first thing that comes to your mind while talking about getting a permit is its cost.

In Dubai, e-commerce licenses start at 1070 AED (295 USD) for the so-called E-trader license. Only existing UAE citizens are eligible for this license. If you are not a resident, alternative options are available, starting at 11,500 AED (3,150 USD).

What Is the Procedure for Getting DED E-commerce License in Dubai?

According to the Dubai Department of Economic Development, there are nine phases to getting a business license in Dubai mainland. Learn more about how to start a business in Dubai mainland.

1. Choose a Company Name

The first step in obtaining a commercial license is choosing a proper trade name. The requirements for selecting a company name in the UAE must be followed. It should also be a unique name that no other active entity uses. 

2. Establish Your Legal Framework

To continue your application for a trade license, you'll need to choose your company's legal structure. Your firm's legal structure will determine how it is operated and who is responsible for it.

3. Define Your Company's Operations

You'll need to identify the business operations you want to fill out once you've decided on your organization’s name and legal structure. Then, make a list of all activities on the license and keep it updated.

4. Fill out the Online Application

Fill out your application form as the next step in the process. Then, send the form to the DED for first approval after it's finished.

5. Increase the Number of Approvals

You may need external authorization for some company actions. Before completing the business creation procedure, make sure you conduct your study. Your license might be revoked if you don't follow the rules.

6. Collect all of the Necessary Paperwork

You'll need to send additional papers with your license and the completed application. Collect these documents and double-check for all required signatures.

7. Pick a Location for Your Company

When it comes to trade licenses, you have numerous possibilities. A physical business must be present when applying for a mainland trading license. If you want to open a business in the mainland, then learn about 8 easy steps to start a company in Dubai mainland.

After you've decided on a company location, you'll need to sign a tenancy agreement. The contract, which you will provide with the rest of your application paperwork, will require Ejari's signature.

8. Send your Application

You're ready to submit your license application now that you have all your materials and a company location in mind. To get your trade license, send all your materials to the DED.

9. Pay the Licensing Fees 

Keep in mind that obtaining a trade license is not free. You'll need to pay both the issuance cost and the licensing fee to acquire your license.

What are the Benefits of Obtaining an E-commerce License DED?

An e-commerce license might be beneficial to an investor since it gives the following advantages:

  • First, there are no currency barriers, which promotes worldwide trade.
  • Ownership of the free zone firm in its entirety
  • The ability to repatriate earned revenue and cash first invested
  • Flexibility in obtaining a three-year resident visa
  • In comparison to the offline mode, there are lower operational costs.

What if One Doesn't Have Dubai DED E-commerce License?

An e-commerce license in Dubai permits you to engage in various commercial operations across various social media platforms.

You can operate through a local distributor if you have a free zone license, but you can start trading products and services straight to the local market if you have a mainland license.

By the pieces mentioned above of information, you already got to know where to approach to get your e-commerce license in Dubai.

However, this makes little complicated for a single individual to go to the respective authorities and submit the required documents. Additionally, this may take a while for them to get the license.

Here comes our role. We at Business Setup Worldwide assist you with obtaining your e-commerce license to make your business journey a little smoother.

Contact us to get other additional services for your business incorporation process. We’d be glad to help you. 


1. How many types of e-commerce businesses are there in Dubai?

The B2B (Business to Business)
The B2C (Business to Consumer)
The C2B (Consumer to Business)
The C2C (Consumer to Consumer)

2. Is it necessary to rent an office for an e-commerce license in Dubai?


3. Who can apply for the e-commerce license in Dubai?

Only foreign investors.

4. What are the top Dubai free zones for getting an e-commerce license?

Dubai Airport Free Zone
Sharjah Media City

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