Dubai Expo 2020 - A Magnet for Business Tourism

Very rarely is an event so intriguing to the interest of tourists that they prepare to visit the furthest nook and corners of the planet to witness spectacles that succumb their soul into the bliss of satisfaction. Exhibitions that create curiosity, visuals that leave the viewer speechless and attractions that fill the inner layers of your memory; all of this and much more is expected to be witnessed at the must-see premier event of the year 2020. The decade’s climax will be the prestigious year for the inauguration of the Dubai Expo 2020, scheduled to begin on 20th October 2020 and to extend up to 10th April 2021.

The Dubai Expo 2020 has created a massive hype ever since its announcement in November 2013 so much so that many industry professionals from the tourism and hospitality industries speculated that the overall audience turn-up would be 25 million visitors of which more than 70% are expected to be foreign tourists. Dubai Expo 2020 is a plethora which provides a platform that encourages visionaries, influencers, investors and global change makers from all nations to acquire the much-deserved exposure and attention, connect with like-minded individuals and also showcase their works to the Expo viewers.

Business Tourism in Dubai

Business tourism is the commute and transit of investors, entrepreneurs, employees and employers and in many cases entire businesses from one location to another for the purpose of expansion or in search of bigger opportunities. Business tourism has always been a significant purpose for visiting the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a premier hotspot for corporate congestion all over the year. In the past few quarters, the UAE has been experiencing a comparative shortage in business tourism to its predecessor years, and the suspect behind this is the existence of many stagnant firms that have not been performing in the Dubai market reducing fresh business opportunities for new companies. The issue seems to have escalated since many investors hedged their investments in the hospitality industry in Abu Dhabi citing it being on the 3rd rank for global tourist favourite locations in 2017-18. Tourism has been at an all-time high in Abu Dhabi because of its cultural location branding campaign in recent years and adding on to that since it is the capital of the UAE, there is the availability of quick administrative approval services for businesses to get incorporated in their respective zones.

Dubai Expo 2020 – The Knight in Silver Armor

The tourism industry has been head over heels over the travel preparations of the Expo that started in 2017 post the crowd capacity announcement. Several travel companies have decided to collaborate with hospitality partners such as hotels and travel commute partners such as cruises, flights and intercity transit partners to provide overall packages to their customers. Travel companies have been making accommodation arrangements and have been hiring host associates from various cultural-linguistic backgrounds to guide the massive groups of tourists around the Expo location and numerous other eye candy attractions in Dubai. This has favoured the creation of quarter-million jobs in the tourism, hospitality, financial services and logistics industry. The overall contribution to GDP is expected to be AED 122.6 Billion, and that encompasses 1.5% of the GDP of all the seven emirates housed in the UAE.

How Expo 2020 Will Affect Business and Tourism in the UAE?

The Dubai Expo 2020 will feature several business attractions as well with inventors and entrepreneurs displaying the prototype products that they want to commercialise. What adds to this enthusiasm is the focus on the theme which is "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" through which the aspect of sustainability and business opportunities, as a result, are few of the topics being stressed on. This duration of 6 months is expected to see a healthy turn-up of business tourists because Dubai is a business-friendly location with a specialised roster of consultancies that are on the lookout to assist the setup of business in Dubai.

With the imminent establishment of new hotel chains and logistic companies piling in their resources to District 20 (Expo site spanned across 438 hectares), many analysts have specified Dubai as a potential reservoir of investments and opportunities for doing business. The exhibits, gadgets and appliances at display are expected to support their unique sub-themes such as – Mobility, Energy harnessing, Aquaculture and Plant nurturing, etc. to specify a few. These exhibits could provide a platform to the inventors to patent their inventions and prepare them for future implementation and commercialisation.

We are only a year away from the commencement of the much awaited Dubai Expo 2020, and with the Expo organisers announcing the launch of ticket sales in mid-year 2019, the tale of the tumultuous tourist attraction has only escalated. The information has been made public that the Expo will be a buffet of new opportunities for setting up a new business in Dubai and this mammoth sized process can be simplified with our assistance. Do Contact us for support services for incorporating a company in Dubai and we would be more than happy to help.


Which industries thrive during Dubai expo 2020?

The industries that thrive during Dubai 2020 are tourism, trade, transport, travel, and financial services.

What is the most significant impact of the Expo on the UAE?

Due to Expo 2020, the GDP of Dubai got impacted positively, thus resulting in the overall economic development.

What are the three major pavilions at Expo 2020?

The three main pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai are
Mobility District
Sustainability District
Opportunity District

Which is the most visited pavilion in Expo 2020?

The most visited pavilion in Expo 2020 is UAE's falcon-winged pavilion.

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