Dubai Food Import Export- Enhance Your Business Globally

Dubai Food Import Export license

Dubai is one of the busiest food-trading centres in the world. The food import and export sector is important to Dubai's economy. You can easily start your trading business in Dubai if you understand some of the basics of the Dubai business environment and culture.

Reaching out to the worldwide market will help you attract a more significant number of clients, but it will also help you develop your business. So, if you're interested in learning more about the Dubai food import-export industry, read the entire blog.

A Gist of Dubai's Food Import-Export

Food is a necessary component of everyone's existence. Is it possible to survive without food? If you answered no, you should be aware of the significance of food imports and exports.

Dubai is a booming trading industry that imports food from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. In addition to that, Dubai exports foods to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, India and Japan.

If you want to know the food products exported and imported, you can check out the Department of Economic Development activities.

How Does Importing and Exporting Food Products to Dubai Enhance your Business Globally?

While seeing most of the import and export items, you may observe a lot of commodities imported and exported internationally. 

Nowadays, consumers are becoming increasingly interested in high-quality products and components. In addition, most people want to eat healthier foods and buy organic items. While the consequences were imported and exported internationally, expanding or enhancing your business is preferable.

In addition, compared to the same time in 2020, Dubai had a 90.7 per cent increase in food and beverage exports and a 73.1 per cent increase in re-exports of the same.

While seeing the growth of import and export items, starting an import-export business in Dubai is good.

Documents Required for Importing Food Items into Dubai

Before importing the food items into Dubai, one should follow various legal formalities. Below are the few formalities listed for your better understanding

  • Bill of entry/ airway bill
  • Delivery order in case of containers only
  • An original health certificate approved by the government health authority

Note: A copy of the health certificate will not be accepted and shall detach from the consignment at the port of entry.

Documents Required for Exporting Food Items

The documents required for exporting food items are,

  • Import Export Code License
  • FSSAI License
  • Product Approval Certificate
  • Ministry of Agriculture Permit
  • Ministry of Animal Husbandry permit
  • Narcotics Certificate

In addition to all the required documents, it is necessary to obtain a license for conducting your business. If you want to learn more, read the import-export licenses in Dubai.

I believe the information given above has provided you with a good understanding of what you are looking for. After reading it, if you think you are interested in starting a business in Dubai, our business consultant will assist you in determining your needs and desires.

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What are the leading causes for the rejection of entry of goods?

The main reasons for refusal of entry of goods are,
Restricted ingredients such as poppy seeds and alcohol
Difficult to read the information on the label
The health certificate is not original
Easily removable sticker
Duplicated barcodes in the FIRS

Who issues the import-export license in Dubai mainland?

The Department of Economic Development issues the import-export license in Dubai.

To whom one should register before importing food into Dubai?

Before any foodstuff can be imported into Dubai, it must first be registered in the Dubai Municipality's Food Import and Re-export System (FIRS).

Is an import license required in Dubai?

You must first get an import license to start your import business in Dubai.

How much food did Dubai import in 2021?

Dubai imported 8 million tons of food in 2021.

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