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Dubai – The King of the Construction Industry

Ever imagined if you were to wake up one day and stare outside your window to find yourself looking at structures that resemble metallic mountains, skyscrapers that challenge the horizons and buildings that dominate the landscapes as far as your sight could go. This is the kind of view that the citizens of Dubai will wake up to in the coming decade. The city that is the monumental milestone in the construction industry seems to be addicted to the thought of becoming the most advanced infrastructure giant the world has ever seen. Trending in the news every now and then for its unbelievable calibre to build from brick to brick and create the most jaw-dropping examples of mankind's limits to reach new levels of futuristic innovation, Dubai truly being a deserving contender stands at the top of the list for the world's top mega city for construction and infrastructure.

Since we have been looking at the positive aspects of Dubai’s infrastructure revolution, it is only fair to discuss the various achievements that the Heart of the United Arab Emirates has collected in its glorious journey up until now. The infrastructure developments and various outstanding construction projects have profoundly influenced the variability of success of complementary fields such as the establishment of businesses, influx in the tourism sector, lifestyle of citizens and globalization.

How has the Construction Industry influenced the Business Sector?

If we talk about a cohesive, comprehensive corporate ecosystem of different companies working together and building an economy, creating jobs and promoting alliances among each other, then Dubai would be the first place to pop up in one's mind. Elegant business locations such as the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), Trade Center, Business Bay, Dubai Accelerator and Dubai International City have made Dubai a fan favourite location for establishing and operating businesses.

Besides the convenience of having awesome workspaces and motivating corporate environments, Dubai is also home to a multitude of famous consultancies that help in-house companies as well as foreign companies to set up business in Dubai. Though Dubai is always on the verge of intensively developing its inherent rigid desert landscape, the companies in collaboration with the government ensure that the citizens do not face any hurdles in terms of congestion due to construction.

In fact, the transit system of Dubai is so well designed that the multiple availability of public transport services and their accessibility through a common smart card makes traversing through the megacity as simple as taking a walk in a park; a park surrounded with gigantic skyscrapers and wind tearing sports cars that is.

Dubai’s Eye-candy Exhibits

We've all heard the term "top of the world before", but that's just become too essential for a Dubai citizen now. Because the people who lived in Dubai or have at least visited as a tourist have been left awestruck by the ridiculously jaw-dropping height of the Burj Khalifa. If that wasn't enough then by just taking a 360-degree turn, you suddenly find yourself mesmerized by the Burj Al Arab.

Alright let's mix in a little giddy optimism, let's say you are an individual who is not impressed even after the first 2 examples, but after feasting your eyes on the insanely amazing Palm Jumeirah Islands, you have either got to be tripping your Heart out, or you have to be an alien for not appreciating the beauty of this concrete Emirati Empire. The famous tourist attractions in Dubai that have magnetized global auditions into visiting the most popular Emirate of the UAE are –

  • Dubai Mall – An expensive shopping and leisure complex voted as one of the most well organized public ideation centres in the world
  • Burj Al Arab – Luxury 7 star hotel
  • Burj Khalifa – 160 story skyscraper considered as the tallest building in the world
  • Dubai Museum – A historic fort converted into an intrinsic museum housing the golden ages from Dubai’s epic history
  • Underwater aquarium and zoo – An example of fine modern day man-made architecture and nature's elements co-existing with each other
  • Dubai Frame – A 150m long building shaped in the form of a frame with historical images and panoramic views
  • District 2020 – The site of the most awaited Expo 2020 near the Al Maktoum International Airport

These are only a few of the places that could satisfy a tourist's anxious eyes and unfinished projects such as Al Habtoor City, and Dubailand will only keep the tourists coming back for more.

A Vast and Open Market

Dubai is the most enthusiastic Emirate in terms of construction projects, of its neighbouring contemporaries because either Dubai builds new structures or upgrades the already existing ones. This is a primary reason why construction has become the favourite past time for the popular location and thus, projects keep rotating across the year, thus making it a top ranking mega city for construction. The market is dominated haphazardly by existing players as well as new entrants who have been making a subsequent impact as well in terms of acquiring market share and contributing to the so-called 'Dream Destination' look of Dubai. If you are an aspiring visionary who would like to jump in to the turbo speed expansion of a future smart city such as Dubai then Contact us and know more on how to set up a business in Dubai and all regions across UAE including the most business-friendly locations such as Dubai (as said before), Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah.