Dubai Ranked Among the Best Cities for Entrepreneurs

Dubai Best Cities for Entrepreneurs

According to the findings of the study conducted by relocation experts Movinga, Dubai has been ranked among the world’s best cities for entrepreneurs moving abroad to set up a business, more specifically in the import/export sector. Singapore is topped as the best city to start an import/export business with a well-established logistics ecosystem and excellent access to markets. Dubai ranks ninth after Shanghai and Amsterdam, which take 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Moving data is based on three types of businesses most commonly launched by expats and reveals the top locations with the best conditions for opening a restaurant, a tech startup, or an import/export business.

The ranking not only aims to inform those looking to embark on a new business venture but also seeks to highlight those cities that have successfully implemented business-minded legislation to help foster innovation and creativity.

Dubai For Business: A Global Thought of Most Business Individuals 

Dubai has long been a prevalent destination for businesses and professionals seeking greener pastures abroad. The Emirates’ decision to diversify its economy with a substantial investment in the tourism sector to improve the economy. The city is now looking to attract tech startups and entrepreneurs from around the globe. 

Achievements of Dubai-UAE: Paved the Way for Many Entrepreneurs

When people come to Dubai, there is a common notion around everyone that Dubai is for business. If you are the only one who is thinking the same, then explore the below achievements and finalize why it is a favorable business destination.

  • The UAE has been ranked 16th among 190 in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report. 
  • Dubai outperforms MENA cities on’s list of the world’s best cities in which to set up a business based on the quality of life, business infrastructure, healthcare, talent pool, and other factors.
  • The UAE moved up five places to number six on the global finance ranking of the top 20 countries’ – the world superstars of FDI.
  • The UAE moved up four globally, surpassing the US, China, and Russia to develop as the most trustworthy country in the MENA region according to the reputation institute’s ranking.
  • UAE’s women businesspersons achieved 45% of their targets, ahead of their peers in China, UK, and France, according to an HSBC survey
  • UAE is also ranked second internationally in ‘Technology’ and ninth in ‘Future Readiness’ on the IMD index
  • The UAE comes ahead of Canada, Australia, and Switzerland in the ranking produced by CEO World Magazine.
  • Dubai has moved up four places globally, placing it alongside pivotal financial hubs such as New York, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and tops the Measa region on the long finance ranking.

Business Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai has been considered as one of the excellent destinations that provides more business opportunities to entrepreneurs and business owners. However, before opting for company formation in Dubai, explore the business opportunities in Dubai.

  • E-commerce
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Travel Agency
  • Healthcare
  • Recruitment Agency
  • Business Consultancy

Along with that, have a detailed glance at the profitable business opportunities in Dubai.

Our Role in Supporting Entrepreneurs for Business Setup in Dubai

The process to register a business in Dubai has been dramatically streamlined to a point where the bulk of organizational work can now be done online. To additionally help with the cost of establishing a new business, it is also suggested to get assistance from a business setup consultant. We at Business Setup Worldwide help entrepreneurs like you set up a business in the UAE and its emirates. Our services include company registration, accounting and bookkeeping, corporate secretarial service, IP, and much more. Contact us today – we’d be happy to assist you.



Is Dubai a good place for entrepreneurs?

Dubai is a good place for entrepreneurs because it has attracted many new projects and established itself as the world's largest financial centre.

Why do entrepreneurs move to Dubai?

Entrepreneurs move to Dubai because of the city's reputation for safety, quality education, accessibility, tax structure, and modern healthcare systems.

What are the most common businesses in Dubai?

The most common type of business in Dubai
Restaurant market
Event Business
Construction business
Cosmetics business
Transport business
Real estate Brokerage and Real Estate Development
Daycare service

Who issues a license in Dubai mainland?

The Department of Economic Development issues licenses in Dubai mainland.

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