Dubai Summertime Surprises

Dubai Summertime Surprises

As it is well known, Dubai is filled with culture, traditions and festivals. It brings various communities together and lets them celebrate life in a larger picture.

One of such Dubai summer events is Dubai Summertime Surprise (DSS). This is a unique gathering of individuals from diverse groups to celebrate their cultures, cuisine habits, and dancing traditions, among other things. So naturally, the people celebrate the festivities with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Let’s dig deep into the fun-filled festival in this blog.

What is Dubai Summertime Surprises

The Dubai Summer Surprises event annually adds to the summer's celebratory mood by offering exciting discounts.

Excited? There’s more to it.

There's something for everyone in Dubai, from cheap admission to the city's biggest attractions and top theme parks to major concerts and events by worldwide legends.

All these you can enjoy during the summertime in Dubai.

When is Dubai Summertime Surprises happening?

DSS is celebrating its 25th anniversary with outstanding events to commemorate the festival's extraordinary achievement. It will take place from July 1 to September 4.

The shopping frenzy will include 17 festivals, each with 10 weeks of reduced rates in malls, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment complexes around the city.

Since this Summer Surprises will include a whole restaurant week in the emirate, it would be a feasible chance for you to open a restaurant overseas. However, for that, you will need a license for the same.

Learn more about restaurant license in Dubai

Exclusive shopping offers daily surprises and thrilling competitions, and shop and win promos will be available.

What can You Expect in Dubai Summertime Surprises

Dubai Summertime Surprises also offers eating experiences and events to the city, in addition to deals that will have you talking about your wonderful purchases all year.

Modesh and Dana, the family's favorite characters, will be back this summer with their pop-up Modesh World at Dubai World Trade Centre, which will run from Monday, July 11 to Sunday, August 28. With rides, games, and live music, the pop-up is one of the region's largest indoor events. 

The DSS 2022 Summer Restaurant Week will also take place, with special discounts and set menus available at restaurants across the city.

Festivals mean nothing without the eating purpose. So here is another chance for you to open a cafe in the emirate. Learn more about how to set up a cafeteria business in Dubai.

There will be raffles with huge prizes to be won as well. Last year, winners received automobiles, daily jackpots of up to Dhs10, 000, luxury goods, and event tickets.

Dubai Summer Surprises also provides the city with a variety of arts and cultural activities. DSS will bring the city's culture to life this summer, from theatre performances to artistic workshops.

The Dubai Fitness Challenge is back. The festival involves health activities across the city. Try the new bike track at Jumeirah Beach.

Start practising your power walk to beat other shoppers to the most fabulous discounts.

Why Should You Attend the Festival

Well, you might wonder why to attend the Dubai Summertime Surprises. Here are them:

  • Amazing shop-and-win competitions 
  • Awe-inspiring offers and promos for the most pleasing shopping experience ever
  • Weekly concerts by skilled musicians and dancers are a highlight of the week.
  • Exciting activities (such as ice skating and rides in a water park)
  • For the kids, there is a slew of entertaining programmes and games.

How will it Benefit the Investors?

Now, when it comes to doing business in Dubai, as an investor, Dubai Summertime Surprises will benefit you in several ways. 

This whole time Dubai will be filled with a number of events. Therefore it will be profitable for you to open an event management company in the emirate. Moreover, many corporate events might take place because of the people spending their time in Dubai. 

Learn more about 5 unwritten rules for organizing a corporate event.

Moving on with the business formation process might be difficult if you are inexperienced with legal procedures. However, a trained specialist may serve as a guide and aid you in simplifying processes as needed, in addition to assisting in settlement of problems.

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