Dubai Tax-Free Zone Business Norms

Dubai Tax-Free Zone Business

Are you looking for a tax-free zone to start your business?

Dubai is the ultimate destination for your business then. 

One of the main factors contributing to Dubai’s reputation as a business-friendly nation is its zero-tax policy.

So what are these tax-free zones, and how do these zones work?

Let’s find out in this blog.

Dubai Tax-Free Zones

The United Arab Emirates has long been a popular travel destination for businesspeople. However, since there has been a clear move away from the oil trade, investors in Dubai have been looking for new company ventures and prospective income options. 

Fortunately, free zones are a significant factor in why so many people travel to Dubai and the UAE's coastlines to do business. And what exactly is a free zone or the tax-free zones in Dubai?

Free zones are unique economic zones where company owners profit from maintaining complete control of their companies and get tax benefits. As a business owner, you are entitled to keep all accumulated profits and reinvest them in your enterprise. You may get all of that and more in Dubai's free zones.

Norms in Dubai Tax-Free Zones

Dubai has more than 30 free zones designated to fulfil different types of business industries. These free zones have several norms, which are as follows:

Governing Authority

Every free zone has their own regulative authority for governing the respective tax-free zones. So you need to approach the respective free zone authority for your business incorporation. 

Tax exemption

While most developed nations are updating their tax regulations, Dubai offers a tax-exempt environment that enables you to invest your money and reap the most significant rewards.

Business Ownership

Unlike the Limited Liability Company (LLC) provision, which limits your interest as a foreign investor, Free Zones provide you with complete ownership of your company. In addition, in contrast to other business environments, Dubai Free Zones regulations allow a single person to establish a firm.

Complete Remittance of Capital and Profits

The businesses qualify for all repatriation advantages. In addition, profits and financial resources are also included in this. This indicates that the foreign individual is qualified to return to his native nation with all company gains.

Business Activity

One benefit of setting up a company in Dubai is that you are not limited to engaging in a single commercial endeavor.

Ownership and Leasing Choices

You are entitled to 25-year lease options and assembly, manufacturing, and storage facilities.

Business Entities

Dubai tax-free zones offer three different types of business entities. Free Zone Establishment, Free Zone Company and a Branch office. You will have the flexibility to choose a business entity of your choice. 

Currency Regulations

Currency rules are limitations placed on the exchange of foreign currencies by the government. The procedure of conducting business for international business people is made simpler by the absence of any form of currency limitations in UAE free zones, which means that any type of money may be used without restriction.

Import/Export Exemption

Export and import taxes do not apply to the UAE's free zone jurisdictions. This will significantly reduce costs and draw import and export companies—this aids in advancing global trade and preserving diplomatic ties with many nations.

Company Incorporation

The processes for forming a company in a free zone are easy and straightforward. Compared to other countries, you may complete the licensing formalities quickly, making the establishment process much more straightforward.

As you know by now, several norms regarding your business incorporation in Dubai's tax-free zones exist. 

Therefore it is advisable that you get assistance from business consultants when it comes to your business incorporation.

Business Setup Worldwide is here to provide you with all the services regarding your business setup in Dubai.

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1. How many free zones are there in Dubai?

More than 30.

2. What is the free zone business scenario in the UAE?

Over 60,000 free zone firms were registered in the UAE in 2021, a 4.4% rise over the previous year, according to a report on Arab News.

3. What are business licenses available in Dubai free zone?

Professional License
Industrial License
General Trading License

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