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E-Commerce Business Setup in Oman

The e-commerce landscape in Oman is constantly evolving, but the market still presents numerous opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses. From fine leather shoes to fragrances, clothing, and accessories, the Sultanate of Oman is a shoppers' paradise that attracts over 6 million international tourists annually.

Regarding e-commerce in Oman, you know that the competition is tough, and the market is lucrative. So, if you're considering entering this field, here are some great things one should be aware of.

Current Market Trends of Oman E-Commerce

According to Statista's analysis from June 2021, Oman's e-commerce market revenues were $657.1 million in 2020 and were projected to increase by 5.7 percent to $867.7 million by 2025. 

The survey states that fashion will have the greatest market volume in 2020 ($212.1 million), followed by the electronics and media industry.

The Impact of Covid-19 on the E-Commerce Sector

The covid-19 epidemic in Oman necessitated distant commercial operations, which encouraged the digitalization and expansion of ICT sector companies. Opportunities for B2C and B2B eCommerce exist in Oman due to the high percentage of Internet users and the government's support of an "e-government" and "digital society." 

The Digital Oman 2021 research estimates that Oman has 4.1 million active social media users, 5.72 million mobile connections, and 4.92 million active Internet users. In addition, several domestic digital marketplace platforms became more well-known amid the covid-19 movement limitations within the country.

To lessen exposure to covid-19, the government made several services available online, including business registration, customs clearance of imported goods, utility bill payment, and payment of traffic fines. Along with the current market trends, know about online company formation in Oman.

How did the Government Make Use of E-commerce?

The majority of government services in Oman must be paid for online, and the government is implementing the e-Government program in conjunction with the availability of electronic payments (e-Payments) and Internet payments. Secure payments for e-Government services, eCommerce, eTendering, online donations, and a variety of other online transactions are made possible by the national ePayment Gateway portal.

In order to ensure proper protection for both enterprises and the general public, Oman's Electronic Transactions Law, adopted in 2008, allowed the use of digital signatures in electronic commerce and communications through letters, emails, and other means. Additionally, the law specifies penalties for online offenses involving electronic transactions and offers minimal privacy protections for personal information.

How did E-Commerce Favours Customers?

Omani customers make online purchases for apparel, travel arrangements, beauty goods, and lodging. Due to the closure of physical storefronts due to covid-19 regulations, Oman has seen a rise in domestic eCommerce, especially for food. In addition, social media is being used by an increasing number of companies, particularly SMEs and entrepreneurs owned by Omani citizens.

The level of internet penetration in Oman has reached over 90% of the population, so consumers are online and active in e-commerce. Therefore, the tourism industry is one that Omani entrepreneurs can turn to make an impact with the right opportunities. As you can tell, the Internet has made it easier for users to shop online and access many products and services. With this, e-commerce has given rise to several e-commerce platforms with better market positioning in Oman. Considering this, if you want to start a business, explore the eight reasons to start a business in Oman.

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List out a few popular e-commerce sites.

The top eCommerce sites in Oman are

Whether e-commerce gained popularity in Oman?

Yes, e-commerce gained popularity in Oman.

Which types of licenses are required for e-commerce business in Oman?

The license type required for e-commerce business in Oman is an e-commerce license.

Whether e-commerce companies in Oman are still growing?

Yes, e-commerce companies in Oman are still facing growth.

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