Everything You Should Know Before Setting Up an Oil Trading Company in Dubai

Everything You Should Know Before Setting Up an Oil Trading Company in Dubai

The oil trading company in Dubai's business sector is the most profitable in the UAE. This industry is vital to the UAE's economy, accounting for nearly 30% of the GDP. Furthermore, the oil trading company in Dubai accounts for 13% of the total UAE export value, accounting for a significant portion of revenue.

As a result, the UAE government is attempting to develop unconventional oil and gas production to achieve gas self-sufficiency by 2030. This only hints at one thing. That is endless business opportunities for oil trading companies in Dubai.

This blog will walk you through all you need to know about the Dubai oil company - process, costs, and rules.

The Process to Set Up an Oil Trading Business in Dubai

The oil company setup process is incredibly straightforward in Dubai. Following the steps, you can set up your business in Dubai within a few days.

Documents Required

To start an oil trading business, you must submit a few documents. The following are some fundamental requirements:

  • Passport copies 
  • Passport-size photos
  • Entry visa or Stamp page copy

We will assist you with the documentation and ensure that it is compiled.

Oil trading business costs

The cost of establishing oil trading in Dubai is determined by various factors such as the company's size, undertaking activities, visas, and registration fees. Fortunately, it is not excessive, and the economic department does not impose excessive activity fees. As a result, it is a profitable business.

Following is a quick overview of the process:

Starting an oil trading business in Dubai is a simple process. Furthermore, the government has established clear rules and regulations for greater efficiency. However, because the Dubai oil business is highly regulated, there are special requirements.

1. Research the Market

Understanding how the market works is critical before starting an oil trading business. Oil futures are a popular way to trade oil. They are contracts between traders to exchange a certain amount of oil at a certain price on a specific date. You can buy a specific amount of oil at a specific price before a specific date with an oil option.

2. Choose the Method of Trading

You can trade in various ways, including CDs, futures or options, oil investments, and establishing a company in Dubai. Determine how you want to begin trading.

3. Choose a Location

You can establish your business on the mainland or in many Free Zones. Both have advantages and disadvantages. So, consider all of your options before deciding on a location.

4. Chart Out Your Business Plan

Some UAE jurisdictions or legal authorities may require you to present your business plan. The following is a summary of what your business plan must include:

• Employee count

• Products you wish to trade

• Information about your business partners

5. Choose Your Compan Name

The UAE has strict rules for naming your company. As a result, whatever name you choose must adhere to it. Here are some fundamental guidelines:

• No offensive language

• Avoid blasphemous language

• Do not mention any religious signs or names of any god

• Avoid abbreviations if you are naming it after someone

You can contact Business Setup Worldwide for a complete list of regulations. They will also ensure that your company name abides by all the laws and is unique. Hence, available for registration.

6. Apply for Your License

You can choose between a general trading license and a commercial license. The application for a mainland company formation must be made directly to the DED or the Department of Economic Development. The application is made to the relevant equivalent for a freezone setup.

The oil and gas trading license is not granted instantly. A trading license is the first step in establishing an oil trading company. As a result, you may need to obtain pre-approval and additional approval.

7. Apply for Visas

You may apply for as many work visas as you wish.  However, the final decision lies with the Labour department.

In addition, you will need to apply for a residency visa. In addition, you will be required to sponsor visas for your children, spouse, and dependents.

8. Open a Bank Account

A corporate bank account is required when starting an oil trading business. Although the process may be difficult, opening a bank account is simple with the assistance of a consultant. 

An investor must have an office, which can be a physical or shared space. You may need to register with Ejari for this.

What are The Benefits of Starting an Oil Trading Business in Dubai?

Although entrepreneurs and investors are already aware of the advantages of the oil trading business in Dubai, here is a list of the most important ones:

1. Earn high profits

2. Low-income corporate and custom tax rates.

3. Easily trade overseas

4. You can undertake any commercial activity involving UAE oil reserves.

5. Fast and reliable company set-up process

6. Constant support from the government

7. Easy networking and collaboration with some of the world's most important oil markets.

8. Complete repatriation of capital and profits.

9. No currency restrictions from the Dubai government.

10. A strategic geographic location that helps with seamless transportation.

Even though the process is simple, seeking assistance is a wise decision due to the strict regulations in this industry.

Business Setup Worldwide can help you by smoothing out the details and requirements. Furthermore, we will assist you with the documentation and application process, ensuring that no errors ruin your dream of opening an oil trading business in Dubai. You only need to contact us.


Is trading oil profitable?

Trading in oil is a high-risk investment. However, if you understand the risks and know how to mitigate them, it can be a lucrative way to make money. If you're considering getting into oil trading, do your homework first. Remember to diversify your investments at all times.

What is the wealthiest oil company?

As the world's third-largest company by market capitalization, Saudi Aramco is one of five companies in the trillion-dollar club.

Who does the UAE trade oil with?

Crude Petroleum was the first most exported product in the United Arab Emirates in the same year. Japan ($12.1 billion), China ($8.6 billion), India ($6.34 billion), Thailand ($3.84 billion), and South Korea ($3.18 billion) are the top five destinations for UAE crude petroleum exports.

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