Future of Information and Communication Technology in Oman

IT technology in oman

The construction of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure in Oman has driven technological developments in the country. The Omani government is taking initiatives like offering e-government services and Vision 2040 to prioritize the ICT sector. Information technology in Oman is growing swiftly which makes it an advantage of starting a business in Oman. Read the blog to find out the future of the ICT sector in Oman. 

The Government Vision of the ICT Sector in Oman

Take a look at how the Oman government is taking care of the country’s ICT infrastructure:

  • National Broadband Strategy: The National Broadband Strategy will ensure that there is no digital discrimination in the country and that the population has access to high-speed broadband. 
  • Workforce Development and Training: Oman will focus more on training and development of resources and will focus majorly on SMEs.
  • Data Centres: Omani organizations are creating new opportunities using cloud computing services to broaden the scope of information technology in Oman.

Technological Advancements for Information Technology in Oman

Take a look at how the technology is boosting the Oman ICT sector:

  • 5g: The 5g internet services will speed up the mobile services and the Internet of Things (IoT). 
  • AI and Big Data: AI and big data will enhance the efficiency of government activities, business analytics and potentially personalized services. 
  • Blockchain: This facility is used in the logistics and healthcare industries to enhance efficiency, facilitate increased transactions, and secure applications. 

Developing Local Talents 

The future of communication technology in Oman is expected to grow with the country’s workforce. The initiatives are underway to train Omanis with the proper skills to build a digital future such as:

  • ICT Academies: Training programmes are underway to create a new skilled generation of ICT professionals in Oman. 
  • Educational Programmes: The universities are also introducing new courses on AI, AoT, and other related fields. King Qaboos University has opened an IoT lab and a Communication and Information Research Center to execute tasks such as smart roads and a remote healthcare services framework

The Opportunities in Information Technology in Oman

The scope of Oman company formation is endless. Here are some of the opportunities mentioned for your understanding: 

  • Disaster Recovery Administrations: Both the government and private sectors will contribute OMR 25 million to establish a centre for disaster recovery administrations.
  • Cybersafety: Oman has recently started the country’s first network protection office which shields the government from cyber threats. 
  • Blockchain: Omantel is taking initiatives to develop blockchain to provide services to government customers. 

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