Future of Information and Communication Technology in Oman

IT technology in oman

Vision 2040, Oman's drawn-out advancement plan, requires the upgrade of specialized public abilities, the development of an imperative ICT foundation, and the improvement of e-government administrations. The government has focused on advancing ICT, and the area is very much situated for growth in the years ahead.

Oman's sovereign wealth fund created the Oman ICT Group (OICT) in mid-2019 to zero in on cloud and information administrations, online protection and savvy applications, and cutting-edge innovation.

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An imperial declaration in October 2019 made the Ministry of Technology and Communications (MTC). It moved the Information Technology Authority (ITA) under the MTC's control to carry out public IT framework projects and execute e-government drives. In August, an imperial announcement rejoined the two services into the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology.

Although the government redesign hinted more centralized power over ICT, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has kept up with extensive oversight and strategy direction, most strikingly in the deployment of Oman's 5G organizations in 2020 and its choice to lift the restriction on VoIP calls after the COVID-19 episode in March.

A few Omani new businesses, sponsored by government investments, are additionally at the cutting edge of IT drives because of COVID-19. For example, the Oman Technology Fund (OTF) has invested in neighbourhood organizations that created online sales, commercial centres, and educating stages.

Omantel and Ooredoo are Oman's two fundamental broadcast communications suppliers. A third administrator, Vodafone, will enter the market in the last 50% of 2020 and will give more contests and lower costs for shoppers.

Oman's cost delicate market has expanded the allure of minimal expense choices from untrusted merchants like Huawei; however, media communications suppliers have shown an eagerness to enhance 5G organizations.

Specialists are building the ICT foundation to decrease the computerized partition through the National Broadband Strategy (NBS), which imagined half of the country's populace with access to high-velocity fiber associations before the finish of 2020.

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Developmental Plans and Opportunities in the ITC Sector of Oman

1.Workforce Development and Training

OICT has communicated desires to foster a focal point of greatness with a particular spotlight on SME tutoring and support and is hoping to shape associations with worldwide innovation associations.

2.E-government benefits

The MTC deals with the government organization and cloud and is making a beeline for an increment of e-government administrations. Around 59 government offices are part of a drive started in August 2019 to digitalize key services provided by the government by 2022.

3.Data Centres

In accordance with the Digital Oman Strategy, organizations are progressively seeing cloud computing setting opportunities to set up data centres. Oman Data Park (ODP) is another joint endeavour between the government-possessed media communications organization (Omantel) and another private area organization.

4.Disaster recovery administrations

Oman expects investments of around RO 25 million (roughly USD 65 million) from the government and private areas in setting itself up as an undeniable centre for Disaster Recovery Services. The Omani government recognized fiasco recuperation administrations as a possible area in an "ICT and the fourth Industrial Revolution Lab."


In August 2019, Oman declared designs to fabricate an online protection industry, zeroing in on oversaw security administrations, cybercrime examination, security occurrence the executives, and consultancy. Oman's first network protection focus office is a piece of the Oman National CERT, a team that shields government foundations from digital dangers.


The SaS Center for Entrepreneurship Center under MTC is regulating a smart cities project to dispatch drives in the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain. Omantel is giving shrewd urban communities project execution and ICT arrangements, including blockchain innovation and savvy cloud call focus administrations to government clients. King Qaboos University has opened an IoT lab and a Communication and Information Research Center to execute tasks such as smart roads and a remote healthcare services framework for checking and diagnosing.

7.Space Tech

Space Communications Technology LLC (SCT) is an entirely government-possessed element to create and execute Oman's maiden satellite communications project. In June of 2020, SCT welcomed international consultancy firms to offer an agreement to give financial and specialized warning administrations connected to the execution of this essential task. SCT expects to dispatch Oman's first satellite by 2023 or 2024.

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