Getting a Freelancer License in Dubai

Dubai is the focal point for business, finance and trade operating in the MENA region due to its pro-business policies, liberal visa policies, and modern infrastructure. Presence of a massive international talent pool combined with low tax rates, formidable financial system, a robust legal system that ensures safety, security and timely justice encourages international investors, entrepreneurs and organizations to start their business in Dubai.

By creating game-changing free zone laws that allow international players and foreign investors to invest and completely own a company in Dubai within a special zone which has no taxes, special legislature and lesser requirements than starting a business in the Mainland. The Dubai Free Zones are accelerating economic growth while attracting highly-skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers to Dubai. The huge influx of international talent offered a strong base for the foreign companies to operate in the region with the assurance of availability of talent.

Things to Know Before Freelancing in UAE

UAE is one of the first countries to recognize freelancers as a pool of talented professionals who have the capability to contribute positively to the country’s economy. The Dubai government took the leading steps in acknowledging the freelancer workforce in the region by regulating the freelancing fields where individuals as well as small teams offer valuable license services, and companies spanning across different industries.

With the goal to attract well-qualified, experienced international talent the Emirate of Dubai has started offering freelancer licenses for individuals to operate in the region as a freelance professional with governmental authorization thereby organizing the freelancing sector. As a fact the Dubai region is the largest freelance marketplace in the MENA region with tremendous opportunities for professionals with skills, if you’re planning to become a freelancer in Dubai you might need to follow certain guidelines that are mandatory to be followed to sustain your freelancer licensing. Contact us for knowing more about how to get a Freelancing License in Dubai.

One of the easiest routes to get a freelance permit is to register with a free zone that allows freelancers to operate within their zone. Some of the free zones that attract freelancers are Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production Center, other free zones are mentioned below in the article. Or you can apply for a freelance license and a residence visa which takes a longer time but allows you to work anywhere in the UAE including the Dubai region.

What is a Freelancer License in Dubai?

As a freelancing professional in UAE if you are required to have a freelancer license, this license allows you to undertake any freelancing activity according to your professional expertise. With this license you are authorized to offer your services as an individual or as a small team, the permit identifies you as a sole practitioner and enables you to conduct your business in your birth name as opposed to the brand name. As a freelancer professional, you can work in your home, and you are also authorized to set up a shared office space & a shared post box.

After obtaining a free zone license you can start your operations as a freelancer in UAE Mainland as well as a free zone, however, you need to check with the business activities allowed in the zone if you’re looking to establish yourselves in a free zone. If you are staying in UAE with a resident visa sponsored by spouse or family member you need to acquire a work permit in the country.

Click here to know more about acquiring a Dubai Visa for working as a freelance professional in UAE

Documents Required for Freelancer License in Dubai

  • Application form of freelance license
  • Resume/CV
  • Original qualification certificates
  • Copy of your business plan/model
  • Copy of your valid Passport
  • Letter of Recommendation signed by current/previous employers
  • No-objection certificate signed the by the sponsor if applying without any visa
  • Good-standing-certificate from the bank ensuring that you have a satisfactory banking history
  • Portfolio of your work or any samples of work that prove you could freelance in the stated business activity
  • Additional documents may be required

Activities Allowed under Freelancer License in Dubai

  • Media Sector (More than thirty plus activities including acting, script writing and others)
  • Computer Graphics designing (design, animation and other similar allied activities such as rendering, image and video processing)
  • Education Sector (More than fifty plus activities)
  • Information Technology (More than twenty plus activities)

Best locations for Freelancers in Dubai

Here are some of the free zones in the UAE where freelancers are quickly authorized to work. In addition to this these zones offer numerous benefits such as low or no capital requirement, flexible shared office spaces, state-of-the-art communication and internet facilities, furnished meeting halls, plug and play workspaces, 24/7 security other extensive support facilities making it easier for freelancing individuals to come and start their operations immediately. Financial benefits to the freelancing professionals in these zones include 100 per cent repatriation of profits, no capital tax and other elements such as Double Taxation Agreements with nearly 50 plus countries.

Businesses are increasingly focusing on freelancers as they offer flexibility in projects, while allowing the company to hire qualified experienced workforce at affordable pricing with no strings attached to the company in terms of employee benefits, holidays and other restrictions. Freelancers are hired by a diverse set of industries in UAE for a wide variety of tasks and projects due to their talent, skills, flexibility and affordable fees.

If you want to start freelancing in Dubai as an individual or a small team contact us. We can help you in getting the Dubai visa, NOC, work permit and freelance license for you to work in the mainland or in a free zone. Our team in Dubai have extensive experience in supporting entrepreneurs, business leader and highly-skilled professionals who take up freelancing in Dubai.

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