Global Village: Returns with Exciting Entertainment

Global Village: Returns with Exciting Entertainment

Global Village Dubai is the area's first family destination for culture, amusement and shopping. It offers the best dining, shopping, and entertainment experiences and many fun surprises to millions of guests.

The Global Village highlights the best of culture from world countries in a lively festival. It takes guests on a journey through a group of pavilions, each representing the richness and culture of a different country.

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Global Village Dubai-A Sea of Entertainment 

The Global Village is an open space concept inside Dubai's new retail destination, Festival City. Initially inspired by the agoras of ancient Greece and the souks of the Levant, the Village has a reputation for entrepreneurialism. It is home to a colourful collection of artisans and merchants who ignite your imagination and offer you the chance to indulge in unique experiences.

When you enter this culturally captivating space – it's easy to forget that you're in the middle of an equally compelling city.

The Global Village is a collection of 33 culturally-themed clusters that all strive to give you an authentic experience of the world.

Dubai wanted to show it is well ahead of the curve regarding technological innovation and digital communication. To bring more interest and attention to their Global Village, they needed a way to allow people to "virtually walk around in real life" experience.

A Throwback at Global Village Dubai 2021

Global Village is a seasonal attraction held in the winter months. It attracts millions of residents and tourists every year. The tourist attraction has accommodated a record-breaking 7.8 million visitors since its onset on October 26, 2021.

With millions of tourists travelling to Expo 2020 Dubai, the UAE has become one of the most popular travel destinations. Global Village put together an incredible line-up of performances, festivals, events, and live concerts. Additionally, knowing about Expo City Dubai: Pedestrian-Friendly Area would help you gain more knowledge about the vast Dubai city.

Global Village also saw a 700% increase in online ticket sales, with its user-friendly mobile application and website delivering a superior guest experience. In addition, the park added new capabilities to its user-friendly mobile app to make it easier for visitors to skip lines, take advantage of special deals, and make the most of their trip.

Due to high demand, the park extended Season 26, enabling visitors to participate in Eid Al Fitr celebrations for the first time. The consequence was that the Global Village stayed open for 194 days, four more than the previous record, making this season the longest ever.

The Comeback of Dubai Global Village 2022

Global Village is back with a thrilling season and is set to begin on October 25, 2022. It is expected to give exciting new attractions and entertainment, unmatched shopping and culinary treats worldwide.

The region's leading multicultural family destination is popular amongst international guests for its immersive experience and unforgettable entertainment. The park is predicted to reach 100% of outlets offering cashless payments in the upcoming Season 27.

Activities and Shows at the Global Village 2022

The Global Village has plenty of renowned retail and entertainment centre to keep everyone entertained. Every season, millions of visitors enjoy dining at the 200+ restaurants, cafés, and street food vendors that provide distinctive culinary experiences.

The park plans to feature cutting-edge ideas in Season 27 that offer different flavours and highlight vibrant culinary cultures worldwide.

The little ones might again get a dose of a fun-filled journey to Ripley's Odditorium, 4D moving theatre and the Amazing Mirror Maze. Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone could very well be part of season 27 as it was wildly popular with kids and other kid-friendly rides and attractions at the Carnival funfair.

For the adventure seekers, the park might bring back Transylvania Towers, Manila Mayhem, Global Burj, and the London Loop roller-coaster.

The Global Village Concert series will make a return in Season 27 with a diverse line-up of spectacular live concerts.

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What activities and events will be conducted at the upcoming global village fair?

The activities and events that will be held in the forthcoming global village fair are,
Country pavilions
Signature shows
Shows for kids
Street entertainment
Stunt shows
Fireworks and fountain shows

What are the facilities provided for people visiting Global Village Dubai?

The facilities provided for people visiting the global village fair are,
Car wash
Rental services
EZ taxi
London Bus/Tram

What is the cost of getting an entry ticket at the global village fair?

The cost of getting an entry ticket at the global village fair is about AED 15 per person.

Is food allowed in Global Village?

The Global Village offers meals from several nations, including your favourite. Also, you are free to bring your meals with you.

What are the opening hours for season 27?

The opening hours for season 27 are
Monday - Thursday: 4:00 pm - 12:00 am
Friday - Sunday: 4:00pm - 1:00am

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