A Guide to Certificate Attestation in Oman

Certificate Attestation in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is one of the growing business zones. Located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian peninsula, Oman has always opened its arms to foreign business investors.

Now, when it comes to company registration in Oman, the business owners must have a clear idea regarding the attestation of the documentation. The company set-up procedure is completed when the complete set of documents is presented to the relevant authorities.

Since Oman is open for business investors to enter into and commence business activities, it becomes pretty challenging for the authorities to trust the documents provided by the foreign investors.

To get an unmistakable authenticity, the Omani authorities prefer to hold attested documents as their original mark and can be accepted for further processing.

Be it registering for college or even setting up a business in Oman; the Omani government has made it mandatory for foreign ex-pats to attest their documents at ease.

Oman Certificate Attestation

When it comes to Oman certificate attestation, one must undergo several processes. The non-educational certificates like birth & marriage certificates need to get a Notary attestation first.

In some instances, certain approvals are required from the Sub Divisional Magistrate's Office (SDM) attestation.

A few of the documents that get attested include:

Educational certificates

  • UG / PG / Diploma / Engineering / PhD certificate attestation
  • Medical course certificate attestation
  • Management curse certificate attestation
  • Hotel management certificate attestation
  • Law course certificate attestation
  • Technical course certificate attestation
  • Professional course certificate attestation

Non-educational / Personal certificate

  • Foreign affairs/legalization
  • Salary certificate attestation
  • Transfer certificate attestation
  • Equivalency certificate
  • Death certificate attestation
  • Birth certificate attestation
  • Divorce certificate attestation
  • Experience / Employment certificate attestation
  • Marriage certificate attestation
  • Medical certificate attestation
  • Single status certificate attestation
  • Ministry of education department attestation
  • Ministry of health department attestation
  • Ministry of justice attestation
  • Chamber of commerce attestation
  • Labour department attestation
  • Assistance for business and tourist visa

Commercial Documentation

  • Commercial document
  • Export invoice
  • Packaging list
  • Power of attorney
  • Certificate of origin
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Chemical analysis report
  • Physical analysis report
  • Process for commercial document

Oman Apostille Legalization Process

The apostille is a legalization process that got originated from countries belonging to the Hauge Convention of 1961.

In the Sultanate of Oman, there are two types of document legalization processes for starting a business in Oman, which involves:

  • Embassy attestation
  • Apostille authentication

It is to be noted that the apostille process is not the same for all certificates, and it depends upon which country the certificates were issued from.

Time Required for Oman Apostille Process

When it comes to Oman Apostille duration, you should have an idea regarding the following deadlines:

  • The normal process- 12-18 days
  • Fast process- 7-10 days
  • The normal process for embassy attestation-15-20 days
  • Fast method for embassy attestation- 10-15 days

How to Get the Documents Apostille in Oman?

To proceed with the attestation process, it is recommended to go ahead with the expert's advice.

  • Get in touch with a professional expert
  • Enter into a discussion and explain your requirements
  • Submit the respective documents
  • Obtain the required approvals from the authorities

The steps mentioned above need to proceed accordingly so that you can get your documents attested in a hassle-free way.

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1. What is Hauge Apostille?

In a simple sense, an apostille document is an authenticated document used in another country. It is called Hauge Apostille, as the rules mentioned are drafted by the Hauge Convention.

2. Who issues an Apostille in Oman?

The apostille is generally issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oman.

3. Who is eligible to certify a document for Apostille in Oman?

• Doctors
• Notary Public
• Judge
• Government registrar
• HMRC officer

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