Guide to Open a Business in Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park

Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park

Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park was launched in the year 2005. It is the member of TECOM Investments and was founded by the Government of the UAE as a part of Dubai’s 2010 vision to form a knowledge-based economy. This free zone provides an ultimate platform for Life Sciences companies to set up their operations and access the fast growing emerging markets of the region.

Freezone Benefits of Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park

The freezone businesses enjoy the following perks,

  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% tax free operations
  • Fast track visa services
  • Single widow for government services
  • Long term lease
  • Partners can avail easy incorporation process
  • Special customs exemptions
  • Tailored services and facilities for life sciences

Business Activities in Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park

Before choosing a location and going forward with the business setup in Dubai free zones, you must be aware of the business activities provided in the region. They are mentioned as under,

  • Research Activities
  • Marketing
  • Industrial activity
  • Warehousing
  • Import and re-export
  • Consultancy
  • Service activities
  • Community organizations

Facilities Provided by Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park

Here are few of the facilities you can be availed with if you establish a business in this Dubai Free zone.

  • Hot Desk- It has a fully equipped workstation with a PC and high-speed internet connection. It is suitable for startups with small operational requirements.
  • Executive Office- It includes a fully furnished spacious office unit with access to a business centre and meeting rooms. It is ideal for international companies in Dubai
  • Commercial Office- It includes a core and shell office space varying in size
  • Laboratory Space- Shell laboratory modules designed to offer facilities such as DI/RO water, access to compressed gas lines and a vacuum system. This lab module allows flexibility in design ranging from clean rooms to analytical operations. Fitted out laboratory modules provide a fume hood, wet and dry bench, and a small office area in addition to facilities offered by the shell laboratory modules
  • Leasable Land Area- Land area available for various activities in dedicated zones such as manufacturing units, R & D facilities, training centres, warehousing facilities, headquarter buildings, etc
  • Park Facilities- It includes,
    • Regulatory framework for operation of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies and laboratories
    • On site district cooling system
    • Waste management system
    • Space for Vivarium
    • Academic/ Research institutions focusing on Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • Training institutes to provide programs on continuing education
    • Convention Centre to host regional and international events

Licensing Segments and Activities in Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park

Licensing Segments

  • Therapeutics
  • Food
  • Agricultural, Forestry, Horticulture
  • Environment
  • Medical/Scientific Devices or Equipment
  • Speciality Supplies
  • Diagnostics and Analysis
  • Life Science Services
  • Live Science Associations (non-profit)

Licensing Activities

  • Research and Development
  • Storage
  • Marketing
  • Marketing and Sales Promotion
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Import and Re-export
  • Support Service
  • Consultancy
  • Management
  • Storage
  • Testing
  • Manufacturing

Procedure to Start a Business in Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park

Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park location is strategic and setting up a business in this freezone is easy and hassle-free. Read the following steps to know the procedure.

  1. Select a Business Structure- Dubai Science Park has the following business entities available.
    1. Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC)- It includes
      1. FZ-LLC with corporate shareholder as a person
      2. FZ-LLC with natural and corporate person as a shareholder
      3. FZ-LLC with natural person as a shareholder
    2. Branch of a Company
      1. Branch of a foreign company
      2. Branch of a UAE company or UAE establishment
  2. After selecting any one of the above, you have to send the following applications,
    1. Application form for Business Registration
    2. Application form for License.

Both the applications must include the following documents,

  1. Business plan
  2. Valid passport and visa copies of manager, directors, and legal representative of the proposed company

You must send the application with the documents to the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park free zone authority.

  1. After the application is approved, submit all the legal documents for further verification. Make sure that all the documents are notarized and types in both English and Arabic

The documents required are as follows,

  1. Application for Registration
  2. Proof of Initial Approval
  3. MoA and AoA of the company
  4. Board resolution for company formation
  5. NOC for the manager
  6. RIC from shareholders, directors and manager
  7. Proof of share capital from bank or deposit receipt in trust account
  1. After submitting the documents your company will be registered and you will also be given the necessary license.

Important Notes before Submitting the Documents

  • All required documents which are more than one page has to be sealed
  • Powers of Attorney need to be accompanied with a valid passport copy of the Attorney
  • The Authority reserves the right to call for any extra documents it may deem require, as and when necessary
  • The Authority reserves the right to ask for extra attestation by the UAE Embassy or other Embassies, as may be necessary
  • Board Resolution and/or Power of Attorney for the Manager must state the Manager's full name as per passport including nationality and valid passport number
  • The required documents must be in English and / or Arabic. Documents in any other language must be accompanied by a certified English or Arabic translation

Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park free zone is a genuine life science hub. In future, the UAE anticipates encouraging local manufacturers to produce drugs and bio-science related inventions here instead of relying on imports. This makes a significant endorsement of the facilities at the Park and also portrays Dubai as an epicenter of life sciences. If you are interested in setting up a business in this free zone, we at Business Setup Worldwide can help you with it. Contact us today.


1. Which are the essential industries in Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park?


2. When was Dubiotech launched?


3. Which is the governing authority in Dubiotech?

The Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority.

4. How many companies are operating in Dubiotech?

400 companies.

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