The Guide on Setting up a Food Truck in Dubai

Amongst all the GCC countries, UAE has a comparatively larger population, and a massive inflow of tourists every year and in addition to its export activities makes it the largest market for food. Dubai is the commercial hub of the UAE. It has excellent connectivity with sea-ports, airports and an amazing network of roads. The standard of living in Dubai is one of the highest in the world. Dubai is famous for its oil, infrastructure and its mouthwatering food.  Dubai has one of the largest markets for tourists, and people from all over the world visit Dubai. For the longest time, Dubai had a high-end restaurant market and the concept of food truck business in Duba iwasn't so prominent or well established until a few years back.

The food truck business in Dubai is growing at a rapid pace and with the influx of a large number of tourists; the market is forever on the rise.  The number of tourists on a budget is larger now and people would prefer to eat good food that is reasonable than pay a hefty amount to sit at a conventional air-conditioned restaurant.

With this kind of mindset coming into play, food trucks have an amazing market because the capital required is much lesser; there is no concept of rent or high maintenance. The catch when it comes to a food truck is ‘Mobility’ A food truck can be the ultimate market seeker, in other words, when a certain area gets saturated,  the proprietor can simply drive his truck to a lesser known market and start building there. However to start a food truck business, one also needs to take a few steps and measures before doing so. The Government of Dubai is very strict when it comes to its code of ethics, and therefore maintains a very strict code for any kind of authorisation. There are 4 Authorities that form the group that governs the food truck business. These are,

  1.  The Department of Economic Development (DED)
  2. The Dubai Municipality
  3. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)
  4. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

The primal task is to obtain permission from the DED and the Municipality. This is done by submitting the business plan to both, The DED and Dubai Municipality for approval. The plan must highlight all aspects of the plan, including a budget, action plan and the entire concept. This will also include sources of funding and plans of upscaling.

The next task involves two steps; one is to get a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification for the layout of the central kitchen. The central kitchen is usually where the food for the food truck is prepared or in simple terms, the source of the products in the food truck. It is key to remember that the truck must have ample space, ventilation and  The next step is to get the same HACCP certificate for the layout of the truck which means a blueprint and design of the truck are very important. This primarily revolves around control and elimination of hazards and risk factors that might affect the food in the truck.

Once both certificates are obtained, they have to be submitted to the Government for approval. Once these approvals are in hand, the business can commence.

Key Factors for a Successful Food Truck Business in Dubai

  1. Location- It is extremely important to ascertain the location at which one intends to start a business.  If one is targeting a food market appealable to a certain crowd, they should make sure that the intended location has a sufficient number of such people without which the business will not grow. Also, Dubai being a city that never sleeps, there are many events that happen throughout the year. Food trucks have an immense market at these events, it is, therefore, vital to get permission and to keep track of the events that happen in and around.There is no need for one to select only a central location, with Dubai’s Freezones there are excellent markets developing for food trucks.
  2. Relationships- It is important to build relationships with not just customers but landowners since the majority of property owned in Dubai is by private individuals. While getting such contacts will help set up shop easy as well as clear the roadblock of setting up of the food truck at a good location. This will create a comparative advantage over competitors.
  3. Quality Food- The quality of food must be top notch and there should be frequent maintenance routines done for the truck, this will ensure consistency as well as returning customers. This will only add to the success of the business.

Need Help?

The whole procedure of starting a food truck business can be a tedious task.  It would always be advisable to seek help. This would make the whole process faster and less complex. The team at BSW are experts in the field of business incorporation and is the one stop shop for all your business needs. Contact us and we’d help right from obtaining permission from the authority all the way to set the food truck up, we will guide you through every process and guarantee satisfaction in every step.