Guide on Setting up a Private Clinic in Dubai

Guide on Setting  up a Private Clinic in Dubai

UAE has had tremendous growth in the last few years with people setting up establishments and residences in various areas. Dubai is in its peak with an increasing number of visitors by the year. The health factor is applicable to every individual; it is a market that never dies. Every individual at some point in his life requires medical attention. A Doctor's job is always considered the noblest. However, several medical professionals are more inclined towards starting a healthcare business rather than to work for a hospital or work under someone else.

The fundamental pre-requisite for opening a clinic is the medical degree. This is the actual proof that a certain individual possesses the training, qualities and qualifications of being a medical practitioner. If such an individual does not have a medical degree, then they can hire a director with a medical degree if they are keen on opening a clinic in Dubai.   A legitimate degree is required and a diploma will not satisfy this condition. All the personnel hired at all levels must be qualified and will be subject to the procedure of certification by the UAE. All such personnel are required to know English, to read and write as well. This certification is done by the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA). DHA goes all the way back to 2007 when it first started functioning with an aim to regulate and supervise the medical field. This included the actions of medical professionals, clinics, healthcare units. DHA has different kinds of licenses for Ayurveda, Homeopathy as well.

The steps to obtain a medical license to open a clinic or a hospital are as follows.

1. Reserving a Trade Name

The clinic will fundamentally require a name and it is important that it’s a name already not in existence; reserving such a trade name will prevent others from using the same. This is a fairly simple process where one can fill an application form and submit to the Department of Economic Development (DED) for reservation of trade name. One can also seek help from a business consultancy which will also complete the registration as well as to inquire if the name to be registered is already in existence.

2. Approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED)

Initial approval is a prerequisite for opening a clinic and this can be obtained after filing an application with the DED. A passport copy of the proprietor is also mandatory. Further, a layout plan clearly demarcating the clinic needs to be submitted to the Dubai Municipality for approval.

3. Approval from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

The proprietor after obtaining the pre-requisite licenses should apply to the DHA to get a license to operate the clinic. This is a key step because the authority has very strict rules and all of them have to be adhered to.

The following are the requirements

  • Copies of the passports as well as visas of all partners and managers
  • Emirate ID of the partners and owners
  • Affection  plan from the Dubai Municipality
  • Layout Plan with the appropriate approval
  • Trade name reservation letter from DED or Free Zone Authority
  • Proposal letter from the representatives of the Proprietorship
  • A letter of undertaking from the DHA signed by the representatives

4. Document Submission

The proprietor further has to submit all the required documents including lease agreement, sponsorship contract, Memorandum of Association for the purpose of registration

5. Final Approval

The proprietor after submitting all the requisites, copy of the initial approval as well the registration fee along with     

  • A NOC from the proprietor to assign a medical director in applicable scenarios.
  • Final Trade License from the Department of Economic Development or the Free Zone Authority as the case may be
  • List of all directors and health care professionals
  • A valid contract pertaining to the building and infrastructure


6. DHA License

The last step is obtaining a final license from the Dubai Healthcare Authority. The proprietor first has to create an account in the Dubai Healthcare Authority Portal. All details pertaining to all the staff has to be provided including documents, ID, Passport.  The DHA will then process and verify the same documents and provide a license to start the clinic.

The health of the general public is deteriorating and the medical care is in demand. Exclusive treatments would have a great market in Dubai.  A noble profession like that of a health expert would not only provide great money but exponential growth. A vast array of patients from all over the world and it would only pave a path for success. If you’re looking to start a private clinic in Dubai, contact us, we'd be more than happy to help. All steps starting from licenses all the way to the final set up would be taken care of by us.

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