Here’s how you can get a Pharmacy License in Dubai

Leverage the benefits by starting a pharmacy store in Dubai and secure the early mover advantage. Pharma businesses are rapidly expanding their footprint in the healthcare sector in the Dubai region. Meanwhile, it has become an attractive investment opportunity for international investors as the laws allow foreign direct investment into the industry.

Dubai region is experiencing a growth in the demand for pharmacy and drug stores as the international expat population is steadily increasing year by year. Notwithstanding the fact that population growth in the region reflects on the numerous employment and business opportunities that have been created in Dubai, the massive surge in the population levels residing in various neighbourhoods are in need of decent pharmacy stores for buying medical supplies and prescribed drugs

Understanding the Pharmacy License in Dubai?

The Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) is the premier healthcare regulatory government agency which envisions to fulfil the strategic goal of creating a world-class integrated healthcare system in Dubai. The DHA's vision ensures superior healthcare facilities in the Emirate of Dubai while promoting the region as a globally recognised centre for modern healthcare installation in the MENA region.

What is a Pharmacy License in Dubai?

A pharmacy license in Dubai is an official permit from the DHA that authorises an individual, government, corporation, partnership or Limited Liability Company (LLC) or other forms of business in Dubai to set up pharmacy operations in the Emirate of Dubai legally.

As a business owner, you must understand that the medical, pharma and healthcare industry as a whole comes under the direct supervision of this authority. As a result, the DHA is responsible for setting the pharmaceutical standards, establishing regulations, implementing healthcare policies and issuing licensing for companies operating in the healthcare sector in Dubai.

Why Do You Need a Pharmacy License in Dubai?

The Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in Dubai is strictly regulated, and any individual or company wishing to operate in it must obtain proper licensing and permits by complying with the rules, laws and regulations set by the Dubai Healthcare Authority and the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention. Moreover, the licensing is essential to maintain the permits which authorise you to operate a drug store or pharmacy in the Dubai region.

Above all, it is essential to know that the pharmacy license has an expiry date and needs to be renewed before expiry by meeting all the criteria set by the authorities. After acquiring the license, specifically, you as a licensed pharmacy owner is required to upkeep and maintain the standards set by the governmental agencies & authorities as failing to do so can result in officials revoking your pharmacy license.

Activities Allowed with the Pharmacy License in Dubai

According to the Federal Law No.4 in 1993 UAE, the pharmacy license in Dubai allows you or your company to commence manufacturing or buying or selling of pharmaceutical products in UAE. The Pharmacy licensing is valid for private stores which are set up and registered in UAE according to the UAE Company Laws. The pharma license allows you to sell medical products to retail customers based in residential areas, individual housing areas and residential complexes.

How to Obtain a Pharmacy License in Dubai?

The pharmacy license can be obtained by applying for licensing with all the required documents to the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA). The process of acquiring a pharma license after you have registered your company is a simple three-step process.

Steps to Acquire Pharmacy License

Step 1: Prepare the necessary documents

First, you need to collect and prepare the list of documents that are essential for submitting to the DHA when applying for licensing.

Step 2: Get Initial Approval

Register your pharmacy business for getting initial approval from the agency. For initial approval, you need to submit the prepared documents to the UAE Ministry of Health, Regulation and Prevention, get an approval from the Dubai Municipality for commercial use of the premises chosen for pharmacy setup. Finally, submit the documents for review to the HRD for issuing the initial approval letter.

Step 3: Apply and get the Final Approval

In this level, after acquiring an initial approval, you need to apply for the final approval from the DHA and Health Regulations Department (HRD). The final approval stage contains several processes of its own until your business has been granted the licensing. Furthermore, in this stage, the officials from the Drug Control Department shall come and conduct an on-site assessment of your pharmaceutical facility. If all the stringent requirements are met, then the agency can issue a license within twenty-two days.

Although the process is streamlined, it is sometimes confusing for even for the seasoned business people to figure out the correct procedures in this stage. Hence, in the final stage, it is suggested to get assistance from business setup professionals who can handle the complicated processes on your behalf. Contact us to get professional assistance for acquiring a pharmacy license in Dubai; our experts are experienced in assisting numerous clients who have successfully started their business ventures in UAE with our constant guidance and support.

Here is the list of documents required for Obtaining a Pharmacy License

  • Filled application form
  • Preliminary approval of the premises in which the pharmacy is supposed to be set up
  • Tenancy contract with the owner of the premises
  • Blueprints of the premises prepared by a certified architectural planner
  • Copies of passports of owner, shareholder or investors
  • Location License
  • Initial approval
  • Certificates along with the list of employees that are in working the store

As the hub for business and finance in the MENA region, the Emirate of Dubai offers unique opportunities for companies to operate in the area with numerous advantages. Establishing a Pharmacy is a profitable venture in Dubai; however, you need to satisfy a long list of requirements that are set by the Dubai Healthcare Authorities (DHA). Furthermore, the process of registering and starting a pharmacy is quite a task and requires considerable time and effort to set up, operate and make it a successful business venture. Before starting a pharmacy business venture.

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