Here's All You Need to Know About Obtaining a Kiosk License in Dubai

Here's All You Need to Know About Obtaining a Kiosk License in Dubai

Nothing says "profits," such as carts and kiosks, and we couldn't be happier to see this trend gaining traction. Kiosks and their unique architecture add to Dubai's vibrant street life; it's easy to become engrossed in installing one for businesses, particularly retail, telecom, eCommerce, and food. 

Kiosks are now more than a low-cost way to market or sell goods or services. These small retailing merchandising units can be a fantastic and cost-effective way for aspiring entrepreneurs to establish a presence in the UAE market. 

Allow us to answer any questions you may have before installing yours in Dubai's bustling neighborhoods.

Types of Kiosk Businesses in Dubai

A kiosk in Dubai can be of various types, depending on its intended purpose. The kiosk concept fits a variety of supplies/services in Dubai, from pastries and cakes to snacks and quick bites, apparel, mobile phones and accessories, newspapers, handbags, hats and sunglasses, tickets, and household supplies to whatsit doohickey. Following is a list of some of Dubai's most popular mall kiosk ideas. 

  • Snack foods & beverages kiosks 
  • Popcorn kiosks
  • Ice cream parlors 
  • Magazine, novels, books, and newspaper kiosks
  • Coffee & tea kiosk
  • Clothing stall
  • Souvenir & gifts kiosk
  • An electronic kiosk (consumer electronics and related accessories such as phone covers, selfie sticks, SIM cards, and the works)
  • Cosmetic and artificial jewelry kiosks
  • Perfume kiosks

Why Set up a Kiosk in Dubai?

You spend money everywhere to propel your small business forward. What better way to achieve this than to open a kiosk or stall in one of the emirate's overcrowded malls, shopping centers, beaches, or other public places?

Most businesses nowadays begin their entrepreneurial journey with these simple-to-install and fit-out installations that require little maintenance. They have a highly targeted buying audience and are less expensive than opening a full-fledged retail store.

Obtaining a kiosk license in Dubai to sell desired products or services through a kiosk is also reasonably straightforward. Furthermore, starting a kiosk business in Dubai is a great and cost-effective option for small entrepreneurs who need a larger budget to purchase or lease commercial space in Dubai.

Additionally, mall kiosks and carts can be used as excellent testbeds for new product launches and raise consumer awareness of new offerings.

With a kiosk business in Dubai, the possibilities are limitless. If big-box stores and well-known brands like Turkish ice cream, Baskin-Robbins, Noon, and others are intimidating, let me remind you that the UAE's business capital places SMEs on a pedestal.

Benefits of Starting a Kiosk Business in Dubai, UAE 

Starting a kiosk business in Dubai can be attractive for entrepreneurs. By starting a kiosk business in a Dubai mall, supermarket, or another retail or leisure hub, you will see several benefits:

  • Low startup costs
  • Compared to other retail outlets, the startup costs of launching a kiosk business are very low.
  • Great for testing ideas
  • If you have an idea for a business but are unsure if there’s a market for it, then starting a kiosk business lets you experiment with the concept and test demand.
  • Flexible leases
  • Most malls will offer relatively flexible terms on their leases for kiosks, which are much less rigid and long-term than leases tend to be for traditional retail units.
  • Strong demand and broad reach
  • The long-term persistence of kiosk businesses in Dubai demonstrates that people in the UAE love shopping at kiosks. A kiosk business can expose your products to maximum footfall at the emirate’s many malls.
  • Ideal for seasonal products
  • Many kiosk owners switch up their products to sell different goods for different seasons, festivals, and events.
  • Easy to maintain

Compared to traditional retail stores, maintaining a kiosk is usually very easy. The units tend to be made from inexpensive timber and plastics. You can handle plumbing, customer toilets, electronics, or deep cleaning.

Steps to get a Kiosk License in Dubai

To get your kiosk license in Dubai, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Pick a Mall for Your Kiosk or Stall

The first step in getting a kiosk license is to do your research about different malls in Dubai to find the right place and market for your products. Different malls in Dubai attract different customers, so you want to ensure that the products you sell match their demands.

For example, choose a tourist-focused mall if you want to open a kiosk selling souvenirs. On the other hand, if you sell popular refreshments such as drinks or smoothies, choose a more family-oriented shopping center.

Once you have identified malls that you think would be suitable for the products you plan to sell, you should speak to the mall management so they can show you the available spaces and give you a quote.

2. Choose a Company Name

Next up, you need to choose a trading name for your company. The name should correspond with your business’s core activities (e.g., ‘Ashwin Sharma Perfumes’, or ‘Mohammed Sall Refreshments’) while complying with the UAE’s business naming laws. You must avoid using offensive or potentially blasphemous language in your business name.

3. Apply for a Department of Economic Development (DED) License

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the primary authority that issues licenses for kiosk businesses in Dubai. To ensure that the process of setting up your kiosk business goes as smoothly as possible, be in contact with consultants.

4. Submit all Required Documents

When applying for a business license, you must provide several copies to the DED. If you are unsure about which documents are needed – or the format to deliver them in the process:

• An application form with your registration from the DED
• A copy of your passport
• Your local sponsor’s passport copy (if necessary)
• An Emirates ID copy
• Your memorandum of association
• Your tenancy contract for the kiosk space

5. Kiosk License will be Issued

In most cases, the kiosk license will be issued in just a few days, and you can start getting your business up and running.

6. Start Processing Visas

Many kiosk business owners employ foreign workers to staff them. If this is part of your business strategy, you will also need to apply for visas for all your foreign employees.

Along with the above steps, knowing about the corporate bank account opening in Dubai will help you make the bank account process straightforward. 

Cost of Kiosk License in Dubai

A kiosk/counter commercial permit in Dubai costs AED 5,060 per year. The overall cost of obtaining a DED kiosk license/permit and incorporating a small business in Dubai with it. 

On the other hand, it can depend on various variables, including additional approvals, space rental, the type of products/services, the number of visa applications, and the kind of jurisdiction, to name a few. You must be willing to pay at least AED 20,000.

Our Role

It's lovely that you want to establish your presence in Dubai with a kiosk business license, and we at Business Setup Worldwide are delighted to assist you.

Please reach out to one of our qualified representatives to learn how they can help you launch your first kiosk in Dubai and how you can benefit from our tailor-made business formation packages today and in the future. 

You do not have to pay to meet and discuss your business needs with our business setup expert. Contact us today.


What is the price of a kiosk in Dubai?

In Dubai, a kiosk/counter commercial permit costs AED 5,060 annually.

How to Apply for a Dubai Kiosk License?

Select a shopping mall for your kiosk or stall.
Choose a company name.
Apply to the Department of Economic Development for a license (DED).
Please submit all necessary documents.
A kiosk license will be issued.
Begin the visa processing.

How much does a commercial license in Dubai cost?

AED 10,000 is the estimated cost of obtaining a license. Additional registrations, visas, premises, and other expenses must also be considered, totaling AED 30,000 or more.

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