Here’s Why You Should be Investing in Tanzania Media & Entertainment Industry

Investing in Tanzania Media & Entertainment Industry

The Era of High Media Influence

The heavily influencing factor in everyone’s lives right now is media & entertainment. The development of the media system has consequently led to the growth and efficacy of communication, making it way easier than ever. In fact, ‘communication’ here can be defined as an umbrella term which encompasses actions and functions such as posting something on social media and making it accessible to the people you want to reach. The accessibility and availability along with subsequent reactions and responses of a single post, is the power of media. Also, the media is the most prominent way of generating income with humongous business opportunities.

Tanzania Entertainment and Media

Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority over sees broadcast licensing, which began in the year 1995. In 2017, the revenue of media and entertainment in Tanzania has risen to 28.2% year after year. In this case, looking at the future of Tanzania’s media and entertainment, revenue is projected to reach USD 1.1 billion by 2022. As the access of internet was most from Kenya, to be one of the most and largest growth rates in coming years. This shows the increase in the usage of cell phones and getting adapted to the digital culture completely. Also, it is been forecasted to be used more in coming years with high speed internet connections with also rise at 8.49%.

This has given an upper hand for the business people in Tanzania, as they are planning to focus on using this source for prominent user experience to make things easy for them as well. Here, they have an opportunity to engage users. Due to this it has generated interest of people to invest into media and entertainment and already a number of multinational companies have shown interest in Kenya.

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