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Hospitality Industry in Oman

In recent history, the pandemic has played a massive role in declining the hospitality sector. As a result, this has become one of the most challenging times that caused paralysis globally.

The GCC nations have been a perfect playground for oil-based business and tourism and hospitality.

The Sultanate of Oman has been one of the evergreen tourist destinations that have been affected by COVID. Over the years, the region has turned out to be a lucrative destination that helps business investors to come forward and invest in the same.

This article highlights the essentials that you should know if you wish to start a hospitality business in Oman. So, if you are planning to start your business in Oman in the same domain, this guide will be helpful for you. Let’s start!

Hospitality Business in Oman

As per the earlier projections, the hospitality industry in Oman was expected to be worth US$1 Billion by 2022.

The hospitality industry goes hand-in-hand with the travel and tourism industry. The overall package includes serving the customers to gain a delightful experience to provide safe and delicious food and beverage.

The journey doesn't end here. It also involves providing high-end services, including cruise ships and luxury trains.

According to the 2010 Human Development Report by the United Nations, Oman has seen tremendous growth in the last forty years.

The Present Scenario

We know that the pandemic has brought drastic changes to the travel and hospitality industry. According to Muscat Daily, the hospitality industry has suffered 70% of its revenue by January 2021.

However, the present scenario stands out to be better, widening the opportunities of the business investors to re-enter the industry. Here’s a guide on the Top 15 Business Opportunities in Oman.

As per the government norms, entry to restaurants and cafes has been limited to 50 per cent. Although it doesn't hold a high-end scope, it still provides a sense of satisfaction to enter the business and leave one's mark.

Keeping the security and safety guidelines in mind, the Ministry of Heritage has listed few guidelines as standard measures that mandate every business investor dealing in the same industry.

Guidelines Issued by the Omani Government

A few of the guidelines issued by the Omani government to revive the hospitality industry are as follows:

  • Only one employee shall be permitted to perform the housekeeping tasks for each hotel room
  • The outsourcing companies must obtain medical certificates as a statement of proof that they are safe from COVID-19
  • The number of entrances has been limited
  • Face masks and hand sanitizers are to be provided at the time of entering the hotel
  • The baggage of the guests are to be sterilized during the check-in and check-out process
  • Resume the parkin services
  • Employees need to cover themselves with face masks and gloves
  • Single-vehicle seat covers are to be used
  • Disinfectant wipes are to be used while cleaning the steering wheel, transmission
  • Train the employees to maintain safety measures
  • Public phones are to be removed from the common areas
  • Clean the reception table with sterilized materials after completing each guest proceedings
  • A minimum distance of two meters is to be maintained between the receptionist and the guest
  • Place floor signs clearly to help the guest reach their room
  • Reduce the number of guests in the elevator
  • Cover the buttons or switch in the lift with plastic or insulated material
  • Clean the elevator continuously
  • Paper marking materials are to be removed from the guest's rooms
  • The used room must be out of order for a particular duration after the guest has vacated
  • Reduce room items and package the essential ones
  • Temperature checks are to be conducted on diners
  • Sufficient space should be maintained between the dining table and chairs
  • The restaurant workers must use gloves
  • Antibacterial materials are to be used to clean each room

Currently, the above-stated guidelines are to be followed by every hospitality business to secure and provide safety to their esteemed customers.

The Omani government ensures that the guidelines are being followed by getting in coordination with the other competent authorities like:

  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Manpower
  • Other Municipalities
  • Royal Oman Police
  • Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance

Thus, you have seen the guidelines that are to be followed accordingly. Now, let's look at the process that is to be followed to incorporate the same.

How to Start a Hospitality Business in Oman?

To start with a hospitality business in Oman, one needs to go through the following steps:

  1. Get in touch with a certified business expert who can help you to clear the legal proceedings at ease. This is recommended as experts are well-versed with the dos and don't have to follow during the process.
  2. Next, you need to present the respective set of documents to the authorities to clear the process.
  3. Gather the approvals from the respective authorities to proceed forward
  4. Once the approvals have been gathered, make sure to open a bank account
  5. Do follow the necessary steps mentioned in the earlier section to ensure safety and security

In short, you have got a glimpse of the entire process that is to be followed to start a hospitality business in Oman.

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