How to Boost Your Productivity with Office Decoration Ideas

The appearance of your working environment can have a lasting impact on your productivity. Its role is undeniable, so you should do what’s in your power to make it look the part. Thankfully, there is an array of interesting and economical ways to decorate your workspace to your benefit and your liking. If you feel worn down at work, here’s how to boost your productivity with office decoration ideas.

1. Make it as bright as possible

You can start off your office decoration ideas with a simple yet important solution that sets the stage for further tweaks – making your immediate work environment brighter. It is not only less strenuous to the eyes to work in a bright environment, it also helps boost your mood and, subsequently, your performance. Try to maximize the influx of natural light to the best of your abilities and start adding artificial sources (like office desk lamps) only if the natural lighting is not sufficient.

2. A hint of color

White is a good basis for an airy feeling of spaciousness we all require since it is easy to feel “boxed in” when you are overwhelmed with work tasks. However, your secondary color mostly depends on two things – first, which color you prefer, and second, the nature of the business. If you are a problem solver who works with logistics, blue hues belong to the part of the spectrum that stimulates the mind. Green is good if you want to relax and vibrant yellow is an ally to creativity. Identify which color, or combination of colors, works best for you, and apply it to your workspace.

3. Declutter your desk

One of the most important things you can do to increase productivity is declutter your workspace, and this begins and ends with cleaning up your work surface. After you’ve picked one of the sleek high-quality office desks, you have to make sure only items that are necessary for the job are sitting on top of it. If you start adding trinkets and paraphernalia onto your desk, it might appear you are creating a personal space, but you are actually creating a playground of distractions. Minimalist and clean aesthetics reflect well on work performances.

4. Plant life makes it vibrant

No matter what prevalent color or combination of colors you decided to mix into the visual identity of your workplace, adding a green plant to the proceedings is never a bad choice. It is a scientifically proven fact that presence of nature improves our mood and reinvigorates our spirits, so a breath of life in a small pot might be exactly what you need in your sights when you work. Bringing some greenery into your office is bound to help you become more productive.

5. The scent game

Color is not the only thing that can stimulate your workflow. Scents are also proven “triggers” of useful mind states when you are under pressure to perform. For example, citrus smells have similar effects like coffee – they boost your energy and shake you out of lethargy. On the other hand, the scent of lavender relaxes you if the day is stressful and cinnamon improves focus. Pine smell will increase your alertness and peppermint will improve your mood. If you can, purchase these natural scents in form of oils and let them fill your office space to achieve the desired effect.

A few simple yet effective solutions can make all the difference in the world when it comes to maximizing productivity at work. These office decoration ideas are as useful as they are efficient, and you’ll feel your creative juices flowing in no-time. The best thing about these tips is that they are applicable to any office space – whether it’s private or communal, big or small, at home or in a company building.


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Dan Miller is a Payments officer with nearly ten years of experience in banking and international payments in the Australian banking sector. He has a masters degree in finance and banking. He is married and also a father of a beautiful little girl.