How Can a Foreigner Open an Offshore Company in Seychelles?

Foreigner Open an Offshore Company

The modern concept of offshoring has become mind-boggling among international investors looking forward to investing their funds to grab higher profits.

One of the favourable jurisdictions that can be focused on to yield higher profits is Seychelles- an ideal and profitable tax haven.

Seychelles offshore company formation is often opted by foreign business investors to set up their businesses to grab the benefits of taxation and privacy.

In this treatise, we will walk through the process to be followed by a foreign investor to incorporate an offshore company in Seychelles.

Seychelles Offshore Company Incorporation

A stabilized, favorable, and effective financial destination that turns out to be a perfect ground, the business investors experience an ideal base for tax-effective solutions to carry out business operations.

For the offshore company set-up, the foreign investors prefer to proceed with an International Business Company (IBC) regulated under the IBC Amendment 2018.

Seychelles offshore company formation is suitable for different business activities, ranging from trading to e-commerce and consultancy business.

Seychelles International Business Act

The government has made several changes to the IBC Act 1994 and has provided transparent proceedings when it comes to Seychelles offshore company registration.

Today, the offshore business is registered under the Seychelles International Business Act 2016, and as per the new rules, a business investor needs to come forward and file the company documents with the company registrar.

Types of Business Entities for Seychelles Offshore Company Incorporation

Just like the other popular offshore jurisdictions, Seychelles also provides flexibility to business owners to come ahead and proceed with different business entity structures.

A few of the widely selected offshore business structures that a foreign investor can proceed to incorporate in Seychelles include:

  • Investment in International Business Company (IBC)
  • Investment in Onshore Company
  • Limited Partnerships- for Joint Venture Activities
  • Protected Cell Companies- for protection of company assets
  • Trust Company
  • Foundation Company
  • Special License Company (SLC)
  • Anonymous Company
  • Proprietary Company
  • Investment Funds

Features of a Seychelles Offshore Company Formation

A few of the characteristics that one must keep in mind during Seychelles offshore company registration include: 

  • No minimum paid-up capital requirement
  • It can be incorporated with the presence of one director and shareholder
  • The Company meetings can be held anywhere
  • No residency or nationality requirement for the shareholders and directors
  • No compulsion to prepare the company accounts

The Process of a Seychelles Offshore Company Formation?

Any foreign investor who wants to open an offshore business in Seychelles has to go through a few steps:

  1. Get in touch with an expert

Any foreign investor might find it challenging to understand the legal proceedings of a foreign land when proceeding alone. At the same time, it is to be noted that any hindrance might abort the process in between.

Therefore, it is advised to proceed under the guidance of an expert who has a complete idea of the offshore company proceedings.

  1. Be ready with the company papers

In the second step, you need to be clear with the respective set of documents that the company registry will require.

In Seychelles, the offshore company registration process demands the company investors submit the following papers:

  • A duly filled offshore company application form
  • Identity and address proof of the company shareholders and investors
  • Passport photos of the company shareholders and investors
  • Well-drafted blueprint of the business
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Bank reference letter
  1. Get the approvals

The complete set of documents is to be submitted to the government officials of the jurisdiction and get the approvals post-inspection of the submitted docs.

  1. Open an offshore bank account

Finally, opening an offshore bank account in Seychelles leads to an offshore bank account that is essential to carry out business transactions at ease. Opening an offshore bank account can help a business investor enjoy numerous benefits.

In a nutshell, you have a complete idea about the core steps that are to be followed by the foreign business investors to proceed with the offshore company incorporation in Seychelles.

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List out the benefits of incorporating a company in Seychelles.

The benefits of incorporating a company in Seychelles are
Guaranteed privacy and protection
Low corporate and legal requirements
A perfect tax-neutral location
Well-established banking infrastructure is well established in this country
Easy and friendly legal system

Is there any requirement to set a company secretary in Seychelles company formation?

No, setting a company secretary in Seychelles company formation is not required.

What is the minimum number of shareholders required for Seychelles company formation?

In order to form a Seychelles company, there is a requirement of one shareholder.

What are the documents required to register Seychelles IBC?

The documents required to register Seychelles IBC are,
Certified passport copy
Certified proof of address (issued within three months from today)

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