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How Can a Foreigner Open an Offshore Company in Seychelles?

With its capital Victoria, the region has been transforming itself as one of the most preferred offshore-investment-destination. Foreign investors take a step forward to proceed towards company incorporation as the zone provides numerous benefits. This guide highlights the core steps that a foreign investor needs to follow before incorporating an offshore company in Seychelles.

If you are a foreigner and planning to start an offshore company in Seychelles, then this guide is a must-read for you.

Offshore Company in Seychelles

One of the best and effective offshore financial destination, the region of Seychelles holds a stabilized and an independent environment. Turns out to be a perfect ground for asset management and international trading, the foreign business investors experience a tax-efficient base for their business operations. Over the years, the government has introduced progressive laws that have established a strong base for the zone, just like the other popular offshore destinations.

The incorporation of offshore companies in Seychelles began in the year 1994, along with the licensing of the offshore bank accounts and mutual funds. The state is known to be holding one of the fastest IBC registrars in the world. When it comes to business, the ground is ideal for:

  • E-commerce
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Consulting Business
  • International Business

Types of Offshore Entities that can be Incorporated by Foreigners

When it comes to offshore investments, the foreign investors have got the following options, namely:

  • Investment in International Business Company (IBC)
  • Investment in Onshore Company
  • Limited Partnerships- for Joint Venture Activities
  • Protected Cell Companies- for protection of company assets
  • Trust Company
  • Foundation Company
  • Special License Company (SLC)
  • Anonymous Company
  • Proprietary Company
  • Investment Funds

How to Start an Offshore Company in Seychelles?

When it comes to company establishment, a particular set of procedures are to be followed accordingly. The company must be incorporated with one of the following authorities:

  • Seychelles International Business Authority (for IBCs)
  • Financial Services Authority (for SLC)
  • Company Register (for LLC)

To start an offshore company in Seychelles, a foreign investor needs to consider the following aspects:

seychelles offshore process

1.Select a Registered Agent

The first and foremost task is to get in touch with a certified business expert who can help you to deal with the legal processes. Experts like Business Setup Worldwide can help you to complete the registration process at ease.

2.Choose a Local Address in the Region

The second step is to proceed towards selecting a local address in the region of Seychelles. This is one of the crucial steps and is advised to proceed ahead with the guidance of experts.

3.Appoint a Resident Director

The third step is to appoint a resident director for a Seychelles offshore company.

4.Open an Offshore Bank Account

Last but not least, the process ends with opening an offshore bank account. This is a mandated task that needs to be fulfilled to carry out the business transactions at ease. Here’s a guide on the advantages of an offshore bank account.

Well, by now, you have got a complete idea of the complete process of offshore company incorporation in Seychelles. To know more regarding the incorporation process, follow our latest guide on How to Start an Offshore Company in Seychelles.

At Business Setup Worldwide, we take care of the essentials of providing the best business incorporation solutions to our esteemed clients. Our business experts are well-versed with the offshore company setup process and can help you to start your offshore company in Seychelles. In case if you hold any query, do feel free to have a word with our business advisors. Contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.

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