How Can a Non-Resident Open an Offshore Company in Switzerland?

Offshore Company in Switzerland

An offshore company is one that is situated outside the nation of the source where it has its fundamental office and activities. Switzerland is perceived as one of the most advantageous jurisdictions for offshore partnership arrangements due to the low taxation empowered by the exceptional low tax laws.

Formally, Switzerland isn't an offshore jurisdiction, yet because of its taxation framework, it has the highlights of an offshore zone and turns out to be appealing for offshore company development. Switzerland has agreements with over 100 different states for double taxation avoidance.

The tax system in Switzerland is distinctive for each canton, so it is conceivable to enlist a company at the canton, which delivers the most reduced taxation. Right now, Schwyz and Zug are the most alluring cantons for offshore company arrangements in Switzerland.

Follow the guide to learn about registering a zero tax offshore company, as well as opening an offshore bank account to enjoy the benefits.

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Varieties of Swiss Offshore Companies

·Aktiengesellschaft (AG)

This structure offers a blend of the upsides of a corporate structure with restricted commitments and the flexibility of an organization with tax benefits for all accomplices. Under this, in any event, one founder is required. He/She can be a Swiss resident or an outsider and can be an individual or a lawful substance.

·Private LLC

Here, the obligation of the investors is straightforwardly relative to the commitment to the underlying capital, subsequently protecting private assets in the company's insolvency. A Private LLC in Switzerland requires in any event one investor and director, whereby these might be the same individual.

·Societe Anonyme (SA)

This kind of business substance can be claimed by foreign expat and can possess all the shares. Under the SA in Switzerland, the investor's name isn't recorded in the government's Public Registry, and only one investor is needed to frame this business element.


An offshore trust is incorporated when assets are transferred to a manager. The overseer turns into the lawful proprietor and is liable for dealing with the assets and disseminating them to the trust's recipients as per the details of the deed of the trust.


The foundation is a crossbreed between a trust and a company and consolidates the best parts of each one of the two substances. It can be utilized as a more proficient and flexible apparatus for controlling and practicing the privileges of investors, land proprietorship, family legacy, and real estate planning.

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How Can a Non-Resident Set Up an Offshore Company in Switzerland?

Switzerland appreciates International Double Tax Treaties with the EU, while not being a member of the equivalent. Numerous worldwide companies and business people choose to set it up in Switzerland for these reasons only.

The cycle to enlist your offshore company is straightforward and simple, like some other company enrollment. The company incorporation in Switzerland must be done at the Swiss Company Registry and the Swiss Commercial Registry.

The process to enroll are as per the following:

·Business Name Registration

Like each other nation, the initial step is company name enrollment. The company enlistment must be done at the Registrar before incorporation. You can look for the accessibility of the business name here.

·Fill the Incorporation Form and Submit the Records

The subsequent stage is to enroll for company incorporation. The incorporator must show up before a legal official to sign the fundamental arrangement archives, which incorporate the Public Deed of Incorporation and the Articles of Association.

·Draft the Articles of Association

The following data of the investor must be incorporated in the Articles of Association:

  • Partnership name
  • Partnership address in Switzerland
  • The reason for the company
  • Share capital aggregate sum and number of shares issued
  • Investor and general meetings conditions
  • Assignment of managers and auditors

·Issuance of Registration Certificate

The Registrar at that point gives a Registration Certificate for the new organization.

·Announcing in the Official Gazette

In the following stage, the names of the investors alongside the Articles of Association are published by the Registrar in the official Swiss Commercial Gazette.

·Consolidation of the Company

When it is published, you can begin with the business movement. The entire cycle requires around 8-10 business days.

·Post Incorporation Procedure

After you start your company activities, you should likewise deal with these methods:

  • You can enlist with the Federal Tax Administration for VAT
  • Register workers with the social insurance framework

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