How to get a Bahraini Visa

A visa is quite like a legal pass to enter and live in a country for tenure. A visa is basically a permit which allows a visitor or traveler to enter a foreign country. It is mandatory that you hold a visa before entering a country. Think of it as an authorization to enter Bahrain. By availing visa services in Bahrain, you will obtain a visa which will take up the form of a sticker glued to a passport page or in the form of an official stamp a page of the passport. Every country has its own unique policies but the process of application is more or less akin. The type of visa depends upon the nature of the visit.

Types of Visas in Bahrain

There are different types of visas in Bahrain. They are:

1. Bahrain Entrepreneur Visa

If you wish to set up your company in Bahrain or attend a business conference, for example, you will need an Entrepreneur Visa. Entrepreneur Visas see applications from foreign investors seeking to travel to Bahrain to manage theirs establish businesses require a work permit. It is a two-year visa suitable for partners holding a minimum share capital of a limited liability company (WLL) as well. However, investors and entrepreneurs who hold shares worth more than BHD 96,500 in a company incorporated in Bahrain do not necessitate a work visa but a residency visa. After acquiring a work permit, the applicant can apply for a residency visa from the Nationality, Passport and Residence Affairs (NPRA) and obtaining a No Objection Certification (NOC). Also quite notably, applicants can also apply for residency visas for their spouses and/or children, simultaneously.

2. Bahrain Employment Visa

An Employment Visa is also called Work Visa. An Employment Visa grants a non-national the authorization to work for an employer in Bahrain. In order to obtain this two-year visa, expats or foreign employees must be sponsored by Bahraini nationals or their respective companies. Employment Visas are issued preceding the applicant's entry into Bahrain as per the Bahrain Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA). A labor card is issued on arrival which will be used as an identification card. It is to be carried at all times. The sponsoring company or Bahraini individual is required to provide proof that the vacancy in their company requires foreign expertise.

The applicant is eligible for a visa on the submission of:

  1. A complete medical examination report.
  2. Legal copies of a valid employment contract.
  3. Proof of professional and educational qualifications as per the job requirements.
  4. A copy of the employer sponsorship letter.

3. Bahrain Visitor Visa

A Visitor Visa in Bahrain is issued to an individual who wishes to enter the country for a temporary basis and a very small tenure for any reason, such as, to visit a friend or family, for tourism, or for medical treatment or examination. Visitor Visas are also opted by individuals who wish to travel to Bahrain for business meets and trips, for tourists, online application of visitor visas or through the Bahraini Embassy or a consulate within their country is possible. Individuals holding passports from any of the GCC countries do not require a visa to enter Bahrain. About 44 foreign countries are allowed easily obtainable online visa applications. However, individuals who hold a passport native to a country that is not listed in 44 countries ought to apply for a visa at a local Bahrain Embassy or consulate or obtain sponsorship by a Bahraini company or a tourism agency.

Bahrain eVisa

Bahrain eVisas is an online portal for visa application launched by the Government of Bahrain. If you wish to avail the portal for visa application, there are three things you are required to get checked.

  1. Fill the online application made available on the website. You will be asked the nature of your visit and several passport details. Make sure you note down the supplied Application Reference Number.
  2. Make the payment by a credit or debit card. The transaction will occur through a secure session with a payment gateway.
  3. Check your application by using the Application Reference Number to check whether the application has been approved.

Applications generally take about 72 hours to process. A copy of the approval can also be printed, in case you wish to. However, if your application is not approved, you will have to contact the NPRA or a Bahrain Embassy or consulate nearest to you.

Depending on the nature of your visit to Bahrain, you ought to apply for the kind of visa required for your trip to Bahrain, along with all the requirements listed out above. The procedure should be followed systematically for easy attainment of visa without any delays.

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