How to Get a Georgian Visa

Georgia is a small nation that geographically joins Europe and Asia. It has beautiful beaches and mountains that attract thousands of tourists every year to this small nation. It has four UNESCO World Heritage sites. The attractions of this country have been documented on many blogs on YouTube. Gudauri is one of the most famous ski resorts in the world as it is avalanche-safe and offers an interesting as well as an adventurous experience to ski lovers. It is also a promising nation for entrepreneurs and established businessmen alike. It ranks amongst the top nations on the list of ease of doing business.

Georgia is one of a kind nation because of its ideal location. Things that make Georgia stand apart from other nations are-

  1. Transportation hub for European and Asian nations since antiquity. With the advent of trains, better ports, and a well-connected road network the importance of Georgia as a logistics hub has increased multiple-folds.
  2. It is a country famous for wines.
  3. It is a very diverse nation in terms of ecology and climate.

Georgia has a liberal economy with humongous potential to grow. The government of the country is trying to liberalize its already liberal economy by decreasing the already minimum bureaucratic hurdles seen anywhere in the world. If you are planning to visit this amazing nation either for traveling or to take advantage of the abundance of opportunities then you first need to read the following information carefully.

Types of Visas

According to the purpose of your visit, the immigration authority of Georgia has defined five types of visas to apply for-

1.Diplomatic Visa (A)

Diplomatic visa is further of 5 types- A1,A2,A3,A4, and A5. These are issued to delegates, top-levelofficials, people who are on diplomatic missions and the people accompanying them.

2.Special Visa (B)

Special visa is further of 4 types- B1, B2, B3, and B4. These are issued to military officials positioned in Georgia and employees of humanitarian entities who are to visit Georgia for the interest of the nation.

3.Ordinary Visa (C)

Ordinary visa is further of 4 types- C1, C2, C3, and C4. These are issued to people who are traveling to Georgia as tourists, to visit someone, to attend a business meeting, a conference, negotiate contracts, sports or musical events, or for medical reasons.

4.Immigration Visa (D)

Immigration visa is further of 5 types- D1, D2, D3, D4, and D5. These are issued to those who are to arrive in Georgia for an internship, international exchange programmes, conduct scientific or scholarly research, and entrepreneurs looking for opportunities under the Law of Georgia on Entrepreneurs.

5.Transit Visa (T)

It is for someone who is passing by Georgia on his way to another country. It is for someone looking for a stopover of not more than 10 days.

There are short term visas (single and multiple entries) and long term visas (multiple entries). Before applying for a one must know the fact that not everybody needs to apply for a visa to visit Georgia. There are many countries whose nationals do not need a visa to travel to Georgia such as Bahrain, Oman, Malaysia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America. There are a total of 98 nations whose citizens do not need to apply for a Georgian visa.

How to Apply for a Visa

You don`t have to necessarily go to a Georgian embassy to apply for a visa in case your nation does not fall under the list of nations whose citizens are free to travel to Georgia without any visa, you can apply for it online.

1.E-Visa Portal

If you plan to visit Georgia for a short stay then you need not go and visit the Georgian embassy and submit documents there to get a Georgian visa. All you have to do is submit an e-application on the e-visa portal after which you will receive a confirmation email. Once this is done then you have to pay the visa application fee and you are done. This type of visa is issued to those who are looking for an ordinary visa type, that is, the C-type visa. It is the most convenient way to get a visa to Georgia.

2.E-Application System

You can go through the e-application system to apply for any kind of visa. First, you have to submit an e-application and then you have to submit your visa application along with other documents to the authorities who take care of issuing a Georgian visa in your nation.

Documents Required to Apply for a Visa

All the necessary documents should be submitted to a visa issuing authority once you have submitted an e-application. These include-

  • A visa application.
  • Proof of payment of the required fee to the visa issuing authorities.
  • A document giving details about the nature and purpose of travel, availability of enough funds for you to take care of your stay in Gerorgia, place where you are going to stay in Georgia, the date of your arrival and departure, and travel insurance. If you are visiting Georgia upon an invitation, then the details of the invitee should also be submitted.

All the documents should either be in Georgian or English language. All the original documents should be submitted along with their copies. Once you have provided all the documents to the respective authorities then your visa application is processed and it is not necessary that it will be definitely approved. There are some cases when a visa application is rejected. If you do not want to take any risk while applying for a Georgian visa, then you should contact us as we have experts who provide visa services. If you plan to take your business to Georgia or you already have a business there, then you can contact us as our services are not only restricted to visa services. We also provide company secretarial services, accounting and bookkeeping services, tax services, intellectual property services along with a few others.

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