How to Get Greece Visa

What’s Your Story?

A series of event is what a fantastic trip is all about, people of all ages, from different countries, travel to another country because travelling is generally a peaceful pleasure one can get and travelling also comes with great information about all the different countries, culture and different perspectives. Alternatively, if you wish to start a business in Greece, if you have an excellent business idea for a foreign market, maybe the ease of doing business in that country ranks higher, or for any other reason, the most important thing you require is Visa. However, Visa is issued by the country to the particular person who requires the permission of travelling which includes a specific reason which also prescribes the amount of time.

Want to avail a Greece Visa? Here’s what you need to do

Documents Required for a Greece Visa Application are:

  1. Download the application form online; fill it with all the details required and print a hard copy.
  2. It requires two passports size photos to be attached, remember the images should be of your recent time.
  3. You are required to write a letter which includes your purpose of visiting Greece. 
  4. You need to submit a proof of your civil status which can be (Marriage certificate or birth certificate)
  5. Flight details also must be provided with the specific dates and flight numbers including the entry and exit from Greece.
  6. You need to prove your financial sufficiency when applying for the visa which is a called “means of subsistence”. Documents that you need to provide here are:
  • Personal bank statement which indicates your three months of financial moments
  • Payslips need to be submitted
  • Proof of your employment is required

Apart from required comprehensive documentation, consequently other additional documents that are necessary is depends on your requirement of your Greek Visa Application.

List of Extra Documents You Might Require Are:

Greek tourist

  • Invitation from family or friends in Greece with the address and their phone number, if applicable (needs to provided)
  • Bank statement of the last six months needs to be provided

Greek Visa for Business purpose

  • Invitation letter from the company that you will be visiting Greece with their detailed address while specifying the dates of the visit
  • Business bank statement of the last six months which includes all the business transactions
  • Memorandum and Article of Association in original certified copy, proprietorship/partnership documents need to be provided of the business.

Greece Visa for further Study, Training or any kind of Internship Purposes

  • A certificate of allowing the students’ enrolment needs to be provided for identification purpose
  • Certification of completion of the course or currently attending is required.
  • Financial sufficiency to see if he/she can sustain in Greece.

Greece Visa for Husband/wife of a Greek Citizen

  • You need to provide the Proof of Greece Citizenship for confirmation.
  • Greek marriage certificate needs to be provided
  • Greek family records need to be submitted for identification purpose.

Thus, if you want to avail a Greece Visa follow the steps mention above and keep your documents ready before going to avail a Visa.

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